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The harp seal or saddleback seal (Pagophilus groenlandicus) is a species of earless seal ... The baby harp seal pup has a yellow-white coat at birth, but after three days, the coat turns ... Many ha...

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The young seals are famous for their snowy white coats. ... Geographic Society is doing to save animals all over the world, and learn what you can do to help.

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Where do elephant seals live? ... The third stock breeds near the "East Ice" in the White Sea off the coast of ... Harp seals live from 25 to 30 years in the wild.

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Harp seals live from 25 to 30 years in the wild. They range ... silvery white. At birth , the seal pup is pure white. ... How do harbor seals protect themselves? A:.



The hooded seal, ringed seal and harp seal live in the Arctic Ocean. ... Seals are mammals that live in the sea. ... Harp seals are born with fluffy white fur coats.

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Aug 7, 2014 ... Seals and sea lions are semiaquatic mammals with flippers for feet. There are more than 30 ... Eared seals have external ear flaps, while true seals do not. Another difference is .... Facts About Great White Sharks. Author Bio ...

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Harp Seals are separated into 3 populations based on where they breed, the White Sea, the West Ice and the Northwest Atlantic `Gulf' and `Front' populations, of which the Northwest Atlantic population near ... Seals do not chew their food, they swallow it in large chunks. They can ... Harp seals may live 35 years or more .

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Learn about seals, including harp seals, hooded seals, harbor seals, grey seals, ... Their hind flippers do not rotate and have smaller claws. ... Whitecoat: After a few days, the yellowish tint disappears, and the pups have a fluffy white fur coat.

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You will find the Harp Seals along the coasts of the Atlantic and Arctic Oceans. It due to the fact that they live in the coldest regions that they have plenty of thick ...

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Harp seals live in the northern waters of the world and garner their name after ... of their time in the water versus the white snow, they do not need the pure white ...

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Does that sound like a good home for a newborn? ... Harp seals live in the North Atlantic Ocean (sea map), where it's always pretty cold. ... The pup above left is shedding its fuzzy, white baby fur, revealing the sleek, spotted coat underneath.

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Harp seals tend to spend relatively little time on land; rather they seem to enjoy ... the “east ice” of eastern Russia in the White Sea, and the third in the “west ice” ...

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Adult harp seals grow to be approximately 5 to 6 feet long and 300 to 400 pounds . ... -When a harp seal pup eats, its teeth grow; they do not grow if the pup ...