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Acid rain


Acid rain is a rain or any other form of precipitation that is unusually acidic, meaning that it ..... Acid rain does not directly affect human health. The acid in the  ...

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Sources of Acid Rain Acid rain is caused by a chemical reaction that begins when compounds like sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides are released into the air .

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May 18, 2016 ... Information about causes and effects, how acid rain is measured, and what is being done to solve the problem. Includes activities for students.

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Acid rain comes in many forms: rain, snow, sleet, hail and fog (wet deposition), and as deposits of acid particles, aerosols and gases (dry deposition). It is formed  ...

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The smoke that comes from a fire or the fumes that come out of a car exhaust ... Acid rain is much, much weaker than this, never acidic enough to burn your skin. ... of acid rain seems to have more effect in some areas than it does in others.



Information about acid rain, its causes, the gases involved and their chemical reactions, and the damage it does to natural ecosystems.

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Rain is naturally acidic, but acid gases make it even more acidic, sometimes as acid as lemon! ... Most of the 'nitrogen oxides' come from car and truck exhausts. ... Sometimes rain is not very acidic and does not cause a lot of problems, but ...

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Learn about the causes and effects of Acid Rain at National Geographic, and what you can do to help.

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Acid rain is caused when acid gases rise into the sky and mix with the clouds, this ... Most of the nitrogen oxides come from the vehicles people around the world ... Sometimes rain is not very acidic and does not cause a lot of problems, but ...

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"Acid Rain describes any form of precipitation with high levels of nitric and sulfuric acids. It can also occur in the form of snow, fog, and tiny bits of dry material .

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Mar 31, 2016 ... Acid rain, or acid deposition, is a broad term that includes any form of ... Two thirds of SO2 and one fourth of NOX in the atmosphere come from ...

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Acid rain occurs when compounds such as sulfur dioxide and nitrogen ... in the United States come from electric power generation where fossil fuels, such as ...

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Acid rain does not account for all of the acidic particles and gases onto ... ozone help to catalyze the reaction, converting more sulphur dioxide to sulphuric acid.