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Gravity of Earth

From the law of universal gravitation, the force on a body ... where r is the distance between the centre of the Earth and the ... It does not include the reduction of constraint force ...

Where Does Gravity Come From? - Universe Today

Dec 5, 2013 ... Gravity. The average person probably doesn't think about it on a daily basis, but yet gravity ... So, what is gravity and where does it come from?

Where does gravity come from? - Physics Forums

So my question is where did gravity originally come from if it all ... We can explain that mass and energy cause gravitation, and how it does so, ...

Where does gravity get its energy from? - Physics Stack Exchange

Aug 25, 2013 ... I would like to know where gravity gets its energy to attract physical bodies .... back on that object, this is where its kinetic energy will come from. Does Gravity Come from?&v=a5LZ3whKrhI
Jun 7, 2014 ... Find out if gravity comes from the center of a planet with help from an experienced ... Episode 5: Where does our Galaxy's gravity come from?

Where does gravity originate? - Quora

We know how to describe gravity, how to predict how it will behave in a variety of si... ... From what does it come from or what causes it? (I'm not asking what is ...

NASA's Cosmicopia -- Ask Us - General Physics - Gravity

Mar 6, 2007 ... The actual value varies slightly from the poles to the equator, and doesn't ... then gravity must have come from the Big Bang, or gravity predated the Big Bang. ... Exactly where does zero gravity start, and can a jet or prop/plane ...

Brilliant Physicist Explains: Guess What? Gravity Doesn't Exist ...

Apr 20, 2011 ... ... has some questions about gravity--one question specifically: where does gravity come from? Turns out, Verlinde explains, that gravity is an ...

Where do Earth's gravity come from? | The Helper

So Earth pulls us down (and we pull it up) because of it's mass. Where does the gravity come from? Mostly from the metallic core of Earth.

Where does the energy come from to facilitate gravity? : askscience

Oct 6, 2012 ... But where does it come from in this case? ... As the weight is pulled down to the earth by gravity, it moves the gears in the clock to make the ...

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Q: Where does gravity come from?
A: The most basic basic answer one could give is that gravity is caused by mass. This is essentially the answer that would have been given in Newton's era. In 1916... Read More »
Q: Where does gravity come from?
A: Gravity does not come from one place. Gravity is all around us even in outerspace. Read More »
Q: Where does gravity come from?
A: Gravity is needed to form planets. The answer lies in the field equations of Einstein's General Relativity - the stress-energy tensor. It has 10 components that... Read More »
Q: Where does gravity come from?
A: I'm surprised at some of the answers which I believe are just plain wrong. The force of gravity was created or "came from" the initial big bang that created the... Read More »
Q: Where does gravity come from?
A: It's all about spinning. Take a bucket full of water and spin around. It stays in the bottom of the bucket. That's how you can create gravity. Then try tipping ... Read More »