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Drinking water comes from one of two sources: ground water or surface water. Ground water comes from precipitation that seeps into the ground, filling the open spaces. Surface water comes from precipitation that recharges rivers, lakes and wetlands.


Water surrounds us, falling from the sky, rushing down riverbeds, pouring from faucets, and yet many of us have never stopped to ask where it comes from.


Where does water, a giver and taker of life on planet Earth, come from? When I was in junior high school, my science teacher taught us about the water ...


Although water makes up 70% of the planet, not all of it is fit for human consumption. Learn about the trail your tap water takes from its source to your home.


Jul 7, 2016 ... In addition, deuterium tends to gather farther out in the solar system than hydrogen does, so water formed in the outer regions of the system ...


Feb 17, 2005 ... Water on Earth cycles from the oceans, where it evaporates from the surface, into the atmosphere, forms clouds, falls onto the land as rain, ...

Feb 7, 2014 ... all of this is FAKE, earth's water did NOT come from meteorites or comets, it came ... Then how do water molecules form in the outer space?.


Surface water sources are streams, rivers and lakes. They are on the surface of the land and are exposed to the air, rain and water flowing downhill from land ...


Sep 1, 2016 ... Water evaporates from the ocean reservoir, captured in clouds and fog and ... “ Where Does Water Come From” was originally broadcast as a ...


Dec 2, 2016 ... Of course, the easy answer is all water starts off falling from the sky. Although, since precipitation is part of the water cycle, you could also say ...