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Holmium is a chemical element with symbol Ho and atomic number 67. Part of the lanthanide ... Holmium is found in the minerals monazite and gadolinite, and is usually commercially extracted from monazite using ion exchange techniques.


chemical properties, health and environmental effects of holmium.


Get information, facts, and pictures about holmium at Encyclopedia.com. ... But no major uses have been found for it or its compounds. SYMBOL Ho. ATOMIC ...


Holmium is never found in nature as the free element. Holmium is found in the ores monazite sand [(Ce, La, etc.)PO4] and bastn°site [(Ce, La, etc.)(CO3)F], ores  ...


Holmium occurs with other rare earth elements in minerals such as monazite and gadolinite. ... But no major uses have been found for it or its compounds.


Holmium. Name, Holmium. Symbol, Ho. Atomic Number ... It is not found freely in nature, but is found in minerals like monazite and gadolinite. It is commercially ...


Element Holmium (Ho), Group 19, Atomic Number 67, f-block, Mass 164.930. Sources, facts, uses, scarcity (SRI), podcasts, alchemical symbols, videos and ...


The Element Holmium - Basic Physical and Historical Information.


Named for the Greek word for Sweden, holmium is a soft silvery-white metal that is moderately reactive, slowly reacting with water and acids. It is stable.


The chemical element holmium is classed as a lanthanide and rare earth metal. ... The brown substance he named holmia, which he later found to be holmium ...