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Best Answer: popping a girls cherry is when the hymen inside a girls vagina breaks. The hymen is on the wall of the vagina and filled with blood ...

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When someone says "pop your cherry", it means "losing your virginity". ... but by the time a girl is old enough to have sex, she might not have a hymen at all.

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Sep 4, 2007 ... A hymen is NOT located deep inside the vagina (where romance novels ... in size depending upon a host of factors like a woman's age, level of ...

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a widely used, somewhat impolite, slang term for a woman's hymen, a piece ... It can be broken by a tampon, by fingering, or anything else that gets inside there.

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The term “pop your cherry” is slang for the breaking of the hymen. ... The hymen is about a half-inch inside the vagina and can be broken with penetration or even if you're just ... This is a slang expression that refers to a girl losing her virginity.

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Mar 24, 2015 ... Outrageous Cherry..Girl You Have Magic Inside You(acoustic version). ... Super Mario Christmas 2016: Naughty or Nice - Naughty Girl ...

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Welcome to Your Questions. When it comes to relationships and sex, we all like to feel we know what we are talking about. However, there will always be times ...

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Aug 14, 2016 ... That old-timey expression “popping your cherry”? The cherry is the hymen. ... there really isn't a way to prove that a woman is a virgin or not. ... In reality, the hymen is a thin membrane that is just inside the vaginal opening.

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Dec 14, 2008 ... The hymen is the stuff of legend and lore in many cultures, the treasured prize a woman gives her husband on their wedding night. To the ...