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The ozone layer is located in the stratosphere several miles above the surface of the Earth.


The ozone layer or ozone shield is a region of Earth's stratosphere that absorbs most of the ... The ozone layer is mainly found in the lower portion of the stratosphere, from approximately 20 to 30 kilometres (12 to 19 mi) above Earth, although ...


This is simply a layer in the stratosphere containing a relatively high concentration of ozone. Find out where the ozone layer can be found on earth.


You may wonder where is the ozone layer located to play such a vital role so effectively. The Ozone layer is actually located in the stratosphere in a region that is ...


2). Most ozone resides in the lower stratosphere in what is commonly known as the “ozone layer.” The remaining ozone, about 10%, is found in the troposphere,  ...


Ozone is mainly found in two regions of the Earth's atmosphere. Most ozone ( about 90%) resides in a layer that begins between 6 and 10 miles (10 and 17 ...


Ozone is found primarily in two regions of the atmosphere. ... large amount of ozone in the stratosphere is often referred to as the “ozone layer.” What is ozone  ...


The ozone layer resides in the stratosphere and surrounds the entire Earth. ... and Jonathan Shanklin, discovered a recurring springtime Antarctic ozone hole .


Jun 5, 2012 ... Brief, simplified description of the atmospheric ozone layer.


The ozone layer is located in the stratosphere, a region of the atmosphere that is about 10 to 50 kilometers above the Earth. The stratosphere consists of ...