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Where is the refresh button on my computer? | Reference.com


Pressing the F5 key or the "Ctrl" and "R" keys simultaneously on a keyboard refreshes the page. For Macs, use the "Cmd" key instead of the "Ctrl" key, along with ...

Refreshing Your Browser Window: Updating Cache


You can refresh or reload your browser window to force it to get the latest version of a page. This will update the cache of the website page in on your computer. ... most popular browsers you can press the F5 key or click on the refresh button.

What is refresh? - Computer Hope


In general, refresh is another way of describing the process of reloading or updating what is being displayed. 2. The refresh button and refresh option is also a ...

HELP! How do I refresh my browser? - ink. website design


So if you don't “refresh” after changes have been made, your computer might be ... Just click the “refresh” or “reload” arrow button at the top of your browser ...

What does Refresh Desktop or Refresh explorer window actually do?


Dec 28, 2011 ... Or maybe you think it will clear your computer's memory or refresh the ... My XP desktop refreshes automaticly….but it seems to take forever.

Refresh and Reload Buttons - The BROOKLYN Board


The location of this icon (or text) depends on your web browser. For a guideline, we've included two samples below. One is from Mozilla Firefox, and the other ...

What exactly does the refresh button do in Windows? - Quora


In technical terms, it invalidates the screen, making it dirty, so that it can be rendered again. ... Patience young grasshopper, you need a primer on the untold history of Computer GUI aka Graphical User Interface. Once upon a .... Will using Refresh on my Windows 8.1 PC also remove installed Windows updates? Why is there ...

How to Refresh Your Computer Running Windows 8 - dummies


To refresh your ailing computer, follow these steps: ... you reach the section called Refresh Your PC Without Affecting Your Files, click the Get Started button.

How to Refresh a Windows 8.1 Computer - dummies


If your Windows 8.1 computer is misbehaving, try refreshing it. On the Start screen, ... On the Refresh Your PC screen, select the Get Started button. The Refresh ...

Solved: F5 refresh does not work - HP Support Forum - 752569


Refresh F5 no longer (never did) work. can anyone help me/ - 752569. ... ***Click on "Thumbs up" button to the bottom right side of my post to ...

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What are the functions of the refresh button on a computer ...


Though a computer does not have a "refresh" button, the F5 button does have refresh capabilities that enables its user to reload a page in any Internet browser.

where is my refresh button? | Firefox Support Forum | Mozilla Support


Dec 22, 2011 ... Where the hell is my "refresh" button!!!!!! I've had it no matter what server i have. now you upgrade me after constant computer harassing, and i ...

where is the refresh button? | Firefox Support Forum | Mozilla Support


May 14, 2013 ... Hello: I don't have a refresh button on my screen.. i have clicked on everything, and i can't find it. help please! thanks. I have basic Mozilla with ...