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Area 51 is located in the southwestern part of Nevada near Groom Lake.


The United States Air Force facility commonly known as Area 51 is a highly classified remote ... Area 51 is located in the southern portion of Nevada in the western United States, 83 miles (134 km) north-northwest of Las Vegas. Situated at its ...


The secret base we call Area 51 is in Nevada, far out in what's called the high desert (at 5,000 feet, or 1,500 meters, above sea level). It's located in part of a big  ...


a few miles north-west there is another airport and barracks, can anybody say if is part of Area 51 or not? google maps link


Area 51. Dreamland is the code name for Area 51. Area 51 is a "secret" military base located about 90 miles north of Las Vegas, Nevada. It is also known as ...


Find out where Area 51 is located. Exact location marked on the map.


Area 51.


The secret military installation that we call Area 51 is known by many names, such as ... they have admitted to an Air Force operating location near Groom Lake.


Mar 5, 2016 ... The Area 6 runway stretches for about 5,000 feet in a remote location of the Nevada National Security Site in this Google Maps image.


Dec 5, 2016 ... This animation reveals how Area 51 has evolved since 1984 using .... Image: Area 51 is located in a remote section of the Nevada desert.