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Middle kingdoms of India


Middle kingdoms of India (or Classical India) refers to the political entities in India from the 3rd ... The period is known as the classical period of India, during which India is ... First the Sat...

Which was an advance made during the Gupta period in India ...


The greatest achievement of the Gupta period was its cultural flowering. This growth was exhibited in many diverse areas, including literature, sculpting and ...

The Gupta Period of India [ushistory.org]


The Gupta Period of India was not characterized by enormous material ... that such considerable progress was made in literature and science during the period .

Classical Civilizations Flashcards


Oct 17, 2010 ... Which advance was not made during the Gupta period? ... Which of the following was not an achievement of Qin emperor Shi Huangdi?

Science, Medicine, Technology in Ancient India - Crystalinks


Chemistry - Principles of chemistry did not remain abstract but also found ... owes most to India in the realm of mathematics, which was developed in the Gupta period to ... During next 2500 years, by 500 AD, ancient Indian astronomy has emerged as an .... In ancient India Medical Science supposedly made many advances.

Gupta Empire - Gupta Empire India, Gupta Dynasty, Gupta Period ...


Though the Gupta Empire was not as widespread as the Mauryan Empire was ... were made in arts, medicine, literature and science during Gupta period, it has ...

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The classical civilizations of Rome , China (Han) and India (Gupta) all fell to Hun ... the weakened Han dynasty could not fend off the advance of the Hun invaders. ... They remained divided into regions where local politicians made most of the ... religion of Buddhism, and its influence declined during this time as a result.

The Achievements of the Gupta Period in the Field of Literature ...


It was during the gupta period that the great 'Panchtantra' a storehouse of wonderful ... Like Hindu literature Buddhism made a great advance in this age. ... Though his works are not available, but there was no disease, which he could not  ...

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Nov 26, 2008 ... The Golden Age of the Gupta Empire An expansion of trade in India led to an ... was one of most advanced math systems in the world during the Gupta Empire. ... days, which is close to modern calculations made by an atomic clock. ... who did not seem to be suffering </li></ul><ul><li>He concluded ...

The Gupta Age: Dynasty, Political Unity and Administration


... medicine, education and industry, the Gupta Age made remarkable advance. ... During the Gupta Age India enjoyed a long period of peace. ... The Gupta Age having been a period of fearlessness, the people made the best use of that ... The Gupta rulers gave to their empire not only a stable system of government but also  ...

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Developing an understanding of the human brain. Not only that but it was the coding law (Apex :).

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Strong trade relationships made the Gupta Empire an important cultural center ... Xian visited India from 399 - 405 CE during the reign of Emperor Chandragupta II , ... Aryabhata proposed that the earth is not flat, but is instead round and rotates ...

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During the Gupta Empire literature was produced extensively. The most common ... Several Gupta rulers patronized Sanskrit literature, which made it increasingly popular. .... not unified again until the Muslims in the 11<sup>th</sup> century. concrete5 ...