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Trying to decide between wearing contacts or glasses. ... test (i have acuvue advanced so its not bad, but IMO glasses r better for a long test).


What did you wear during surgery, contacts or glasses? ... make a difference as some absorb more than others (hard v gas permeable v soft).


Exp: Culinary Student ... If you've ever noticed how a suction cup sticks far better to a surface ... I have never wear neither glasses or contacts


Very short adaptation period; More comfortable and more difficult to dislodge than ... Compared with glasses, contact lenses require a longer initial examination ...


Wearing eyeglasses or contact lenses totally depend upon your personal preferences. Weather ... Contact lenses makes you look more younger, they fits to your eyes properly, with contact lenses you can easily play any outdoor games and ...


Nov 20, 2014 ... With contact lenses, there is no need to worry about glasses sliding down ... Karate students can react more quickly to an opponent's side kick ...


Many teenagers choose to wear contact lenses because they think they look better without glasses. But contacts offer plenty of other benefits as well.


In addition, children who want contacts instead of glasses are often more willing ... great self-esteem builders, contact lenses are also great for student athletes.


Oct 1, 2002 ... Night-clubbers who swapped their glasses for contact lenses report big ... success with the opposite sex, research on short-sighted students in a ... “But if you feel more attractive you also behave in a more outgoing way,” says ...

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