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A dead pool, also known as a death pool, is a game of prediction which involves guessing when someone will die. ... dead pool" which invited users to predict the next Internet startups to fail ...

Death List website predicts which celebs will be next to DIE - The Sun


Dec 31, 2016 ... Sick website predicts which of your favourite celebs will be next to DIE – then ... terminally ill celebrities who they think are most likely to die every year. ... Celebrity deaths in 2016 - from Carrie Fisher to George Michael, all the ...

The Death List picks which celebrity will die next - News.com.au


Jan 1, 2017 ... A SICK website compiles a list of elderly and terminally ill celebrities who they think are most likely to die every year.

Celebrity Death Pool 2016 | List of Predictions About Dead Celebrities


This celebrity death watch list is where you make your predictions about which stars will die in 2016 and who will live on to make the 2017 celebrity death pool.

The DeathList 2017


Below you will find DeathList 2017, a list of 50 celebrities selected by an expert ... Candidates cannot be famous solely for the fact they are likely to die in the near ... 2016 was billed as the year of the celebrity death by some and, although ...

Morbid website predicts that the Queen, Bruce Forsyth and 48 other ...


Jan 3, 2017 ... Video thumbnail, Celebrity deaths in 2016 from David Bowie to Carrie Fisher ... faces who it expects to die at some point over the next 12 months. ... The website picks 50 celebrities each year that it thinks will die before the ...

Celebrity death pool's list of most likely to die in 2016 | New York Post


Dec 29, 2016 ... Folks are now turning to macabre websites that predict which stars will pass away in the waning days of 2016.

Lots of celebrities died in 2016. But 2017 won't get any better ...


Dec 29, 2016 ... But if you thought 2016 was a bad year for celebrity deaths, just wait until ... the record, to suggest that any of these actors will die anytime soon.

How Many Famous People Will Die in 2017? - Macro Connections


In fact, we should expect more famous people to die in 2017 than in 2016. Why? The answer is simple: ... So not all of these celebrity deaths are of Bowie's caliber . Figure 2 repeats the ... Probably for the next years, but not forever. The rise of ...

Celebrity Dead Pool Betting - Who'll Be Next in 2016? - oddsninja


The concept is to place a bet on which celebrity will be the next to kick the bucket. ... The idea has evolved to include bets on any celebrity who might die within ...