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North-Facing or South-Facing: Which Orientation Is Better for Your ...


When buying a home, there are dozens of things that you should consider. Is it the type of ... Click here to see my feature in Boston Common Magazine. ... In other words, the direction your house should face depends largely on where you live.

Orientation | YourHome


Orientation is the positioning of a building in relation to seasonal variations in the ... Summer sun is high in the sky and eaves on a house prevent direct sunlight from ..... Breeze and wind directions should be reversed for Western Australia and ...

What direction should your house face? (roof, feng shui, windows ...


Yet this is my first post on this forum and i am new here i think that a house should always face east direction.If we think from a religious point of ...

Home Buying: What direction should my backyard face for the most ...


May 29, 2012 ... What direction should my backyard face for the most "winter" sun? ... The late afternoon temps heat up the patio and the houses. This is not a ...

Feng Shui facing and sitting direction


v The sitting direction could look onto a large building or a row of houses. v The side of ..... What my house main door facing should be which direction. Michael ...

The importance of knowing your house facing direction - WOFS.com


The facing direction of your house is not necessarily the same as the facing direction of ... So if you live in an apartment, you should always look at the whole building to try and ... My advice then is to look for the place of maximum yang energy.

Feng Shui House


Feng Shui House: What To Look For When Buying A House ... In a normal compass you will find 4 primary directions that is north, south, east, west and 4 ... The view in front of the house, especially directly ahead of the main door should not be blocked by any ... If your home faces such a building, try to change its orientation.

Building Orientation for Optimum Energy - InterNACHI


Building orientation is the practice of facing a building so as to maximize certain ... In the Southern Hemisphere, all of these directions are reversed, so the winter ... A passive solar house should be constructed on the south-facing slope of a ...

The Aspect Effect: What Does The Direction Your Property Face ...


Share My Style · living · bedroom ... the aspect effect: what does the direction your property face mean? ... West facing houses (even more so apartments) get the booby prize for aspect. ... building reports: advice from our expert builder

Feng Shui House Direction - LoveToKnow


Dec 14, 2009 ... Feng shui house direction is necessary to know in order to calculate various feng .... door, and if I cannot paint it how should I decorate the inside of my home? ... To determine your apartment building's facing direction, you will ...

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I'm building my dream house. What direction should my front door ...


I am currently looking at building my dream house. I've read that the front door should be facing east. To make the property look good, I need my house.

How to Position a House on a Lot for Maximum Energy ...


While many factors determine household energy use, one way to maximize ... a house on an east- or west-facing lot should also have the long side facing south if possible. ... On a building lot with exposure to ocean breezes from the west, backed by ... Play What if My Real Estate Agent Doesn't Show Up for My Closing?

House Hunting? Look Carefully at the Light - Houzz


Take the second house my husband and I bought. ... If you're in the market for a home, light might not be on your checklist, but it should. Here are some things to consider: 1. What direction does the house face? .... BUILD THE LIFESTYLE.