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The Peculiar Institution


The Peculiar Institution: Slavery in the Ante-Bellum South is a non-fiction book about slavery ... While it was sometimes known for slaves to have lives as good as or better than those of poor North...

Which economic institution was sometimes called slavery without ...


Sharecropping ... How did the closing of the overseas slave trade in 1808 affect the institution of ... Why is economics sometimes called the science of choice?

The Politics of Slavery - Boundless


Learn more about the politics of slavery in the Boundless open textbook. ... the American South, slavery was a social and powerful economic institution, integral to ... social and economic system, even those who did not own slaves the South often ... By 1838, the AASS had 250,000 members, sometimes called " Garrisonians.

The Economics of Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade | visionaryfoundation


Nov 11, 2014 ... The slave-trade is sometimes called the Maafa by African and .... social institutions, but nevertheless criticized Inikori's approach for not taking ...

Antebellum slavery - PBS


Fully 3/4 of Southern whites did not even own slaves; of those who did, 88% owned ... Practically speaking, the institution of slavery did not help these people. ... of their masters and mistresses, and could be called on for service at any time. ... Slaves who worked as domestics sometimes fared better, getting the castoff ...

Slavery in the United States - EH.net


Slavery is fundamentally an economic phenomenon. ... and the institutional practices surrounding slavery display a sophistication that .... Most Southerners owned no slaves and most slaves lived in small groups rather than on large plantations. .... Accordingly, masters sometimes fell afoul of the criminal law not only when ...

slavery | sociology | Britannica.com


Mar 24, 2016 ... There is no consensus on what a slave was or on how the institution of ... Another source of slavery was self-sale, undertaken sometimes to obtain an ... Also essential was an economic surplus, for slaves were often ... The most common has been what is called household, patriarchal, or domestic slavery.

Slavery, the Economy, and Society - CliffsNotes


Slavery, the Economy, and Society ... The formal end to the foreign slave trade in 1808 had no impact—the smuggling of ... Slavery as an economic institution. ... Poor whites, variously called “hillbillies,” “white trash,” “crackers,” or “clay eaters,” just ... Slaves sometimes had better physical living conditions than poor whites.

Slavery Without Submission, Emancipation Without Freedom


Hence, it was Abraham Lincoln who freed the slaves, not John Brown. ... ending of slavery led to a reconstruction of national politics and economics, it was not a .... White men sometimes were linked to slave insurrectionary plots, and each such ..... Fellow Citizens: Pardon me, and allow me to ask, why am I called upon to ...

Slavery and the origins of the Civil War | International Socialist Review


Slave labor was the basis for the wealth and prestige of ancient Greece and Rome. ... in a major uprising called Bacon's Rebellion and came close to overthrowing .... where slavery had long been an integral part of the economy, the institution ... of the Civil War without reference to the constant struggle— sometimes open, ...

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Slavery In The Civil War Era


Feb 24, 2002 ... The African American population, both slave and free, was much larger. ... Of equal importance in the Southern states was the economic role that slaves played. ... often dangerous territory, beset by disease and sometimes hostile ..... who owned no slaves yet were called upon to defend the Southern cause.

Chapter 16: The South and the Slavery Controversy, 1793-1860 ...


In 1850 only 1,733 families owned more than 100 slaves each, and this select ... to private institutions; A favorite author of elite southerners was Sir Walter Scott, ... All these whites without slaves had no direct stake in the preservation of slavery, ... frequently stronger in the North than in the South; it was sometimes observed ...

Slave - New World Encyclopedia


8.1 The economics of contemporary slavery; 8.2 Human trafficking; 8.3 Potential for total abolition ... Slaves cannot leave an owner, an employer, or a territory without explicit .... In most institutions of slavery throughout the world, the children of slaves ..... Trafficking in human beings, sometimes called human trafficking, or se...