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Which household herbs will get me high? - Herb Gardens - About.com


There are many misconceptions about drug use and household herbs. Find out more about getting high using household herbs.

Smokable Herbs: What Herbs & Plants can you smoke?


Smokable Herbs is a repertory of herbs, plants and leaves that can be smoke to ... Thanks for your info.is ordering on line the only way to get herbs for tea,and or ... if any one can tell me about a herb that will give me a relaxed high like feeling  ...

Aside from cannibas, which herbs induce a high? - psycheledic ...


Herbs that can be found in an herbal shop, on the web, growing outdoors etc. posted by .... You can also get a mild DMT high from bluegrasses.

What herbs to get buzzed instead of Pot? - Drugs Forum


Jul 22, 2011 ... I want herbs that will buzz me not get me high. I need a relaxing herb that's common and not bought off the internet. I want this herb so I can ...

Top 10 Foods That Can Get You High | Miami New Times


Jul 7, 2010 ... Are you bored? Hungry? Want to eat your way to intoxication? We've scoured the world for the top 10 foods that'll get you high, exposed the ...

Are there any harmless and legal herbs/substances you can smoke ...


The legal weed substitutes give me headaches and probably aren't very ... You will still get just as high and it'll clean you out in the process!

Weird Ways to Get High | List of Strange Drugs Kids Are Using


List of weird ways to get high as reported by strange news stories all over the world. ... Synthetic drugs can be super nasty, but the people who study new ...

So you wanna get high? - The Mix


Sep 29, 2015 ... Here are some of the worst ways you lot tried to get high. Please ... demons outside my bedroom trying to break in and do demonic stuff to me.

10 Natural Plants That Can Get You High - What on Earth? - It's Nature


Here's our list of 10 naturally cultivated plants that can get you high. Note: We suggest you ... This plant is just over a meter high and has incredibly large leaves as well. Sometimes, you can .... color me gone • 3 years ago. rose buds dried and  ...

Common home plants that get you...HIGH!!!!... - Vriksha Nursery


May 7, 2011 ... can you tell me where exactly in bombay u saw salvia divinorum growing ? ... its a myth that you could get high off of enough poppy seeds (khas khas) but yes you ..... Where can I buy Salvia or herbal incense in mumbai?

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Smokable household herbs. - Bluelight


P.S. I will post a experience report if I can get a smokable item in my hands. ... what household items (herbs) can be smoked to achieve a high or at .... pot like buzz almost convinced me the experiment was worth the effort.

7 Common Foods That Can Actually Get You High | Cracked.com


Apr 25, 2008 ... EDITORS' DISCLAIMER: Cracked does not endorse eating the below foodstuffs for the express purpose of getting high, as the side effects are ...

Drug info - things around house to get high off of - Drugs Forum


Jan 15, 2004 ... i wonder if there are other things that u csn use to get high off of besides ... drug, is there anything i can use around the house that can get me high too .... speed; its available at body building / herbal supply stores (however it is ...