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Great Geek Debates: The Lord of the Rings vs. Harry Potter | WIRED


Sep 4, 2009 ... Some questions have such clear answers that you know your answer the moment you hear or read it. These are of the “Who was the better ...

Is 'Harry Potter' better than 'The Lord of the Rings'? | Debate.org


Express your views on whether "Harry Potter" is better than "The Lord of the ... the LOTR trilogy and twilight saga, but when you think about it, harry potter is an ...

Survey: Harry Potter vs. The Lord of the Rings vs. Twilight! - Quizzes


Harry Potter vs. The Lord of the Rings vs. Twilight! by: Heart_And_Seoul ... Destroy the One Ring, while slowly be turned insane by carrying the Ruling Ring, and more than likely die at the end of the Quest. .... Which are better movies: Harry P..

Reasons Lord of the Rings is Better Than Harry Potter - TheTopTens®


LOTR also has better themes than death.M ... Harry Potter is one of the greatest series of all time but Lord of the rings is superior. .... Top Ten Reasons Harry Potter Is Better Than Twilight Reasons Why Harry Potter Is Better Than the Hunger ...

Lord of the Rings Vs Harry Potter Vs twilight books, which is ...


Mar 7, 2011 ... Personally i think twilight is a dracula knockoff that just takes the piss, ... Also harry potter has alot of connections with Lord of the Rings, and ...

Harry Potter vs. Lord of the Rings


Apr 17, 2009 ... Harry Potter vs Lord of the Rings ... Who is a batter hero- Frodo or Harry? .... Also the film of Lotr is better than HP but not that much. .... of HP lovecraft and HP should be compared to the works of stephine meyer (twilight series).

Lord of the Rings vs Twilight (Film series)? | Yahoo Answers


Sep 16, 2011 ... ... have either seen both film-series. I prefer Lord of the Rings, the films feature amazing battle scenes, more actions, more characters and a better story line. ... vs Harry Potter vs Lord Of The Rings? Harry Potter vs Twilight?

www.ask.com/youtube?q=Which Is Better Lord Of The Rings Twilight Or Harry Potter?&v=oSId86cc1dQ
Dec 10, 2009 ... Lol twilight, Fili and Tauriel was a better love story FFS!!! XD. Read more ... TWILIGHT FOREVER, YHEN HARRY POTTER, THEN LOTR! .
www.ask.com/youtube?q=Which Is Better Lord Of The Rings Twilight Or Harry Potter?&v=lSM75Mj0PQQ
Sep 5, 2013 ... I loved both series, but Sauron is the better Dark Lord. But, when it comes ... One does not simply compare Lord of the Rings with Harry Potter..
www.ask.com/youtube?q=Which Is Better Lord Of The Rings Twilight Or Harry Potter?&v=_bcncbwlXR4
Jul 3, 2014 ... DOWNLOAD MY SONG "HARRY POTTER VS TWILIGHT" ... nooooooooo im not a fan of both the movies but twight was the better dancers.
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Which franchise is better Harry Potter or the Lord of the Rings? - Quora


The answer is obviously Lord of the Rings-. Consistency. The LotR universe is consistent right ..... Which is better: the Harry Potter series or the Twilight series?

The Lord of the Rings - The Lord of the Rings or Twilight? (showing ...


Jan 12, 2014 ... I've read better LOTR fanfiction written by teenagers! reply | flag * .... I gave Harry Potter a try, but found it wasn't my cup of tea. I let it go after the ...

Do The Math: 8 Reasons Harry Potter Is Greater Than Twilight ...


Media pundits everywhere declared Twilight the new Harry Potter. I wondered ... So how is Potter better than Twilight? Well, for one ... They go to that awkward store in the mall that sells swords and Lord of the Rings memorabilia. They don't  ...