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An alligator is a crocodilian in the genus Alligator of the family Alligatoridae. The two living .... The type of food eaten by alligators depends upon their age and size. ... In some cases, larger ...

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Shape of the jaw: The easiest way of telling apart crocodiles from alligators, .... or 15 feet in length, which is larger than some crocodile species, but not others.

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While it might be easy to categorize alligators and crocodiles both as menacing ... Not only do crocodiles have the potential to grow significantly bigger than their ... beat alligators in the sheer power of their bites, they also do in size potential.

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Sep 3, 2013 ... There is no alligator in this video. .... Those are all crocodiles you fools! .... Python vs Alligator 01 -- Real Fight -- Python attacks Alligator ...

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The Caiman may be smaller than alligators and crocodiles but they are the most ... Their smaller size and aggressive behaviour most likely would make them ...

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May 24, 2016 ... The Nile crocodile—four of which have been found in the state's swamps since 2000—are more dangerous than the native crocodiles and ...

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Aug 11, 2011 ... Photos of these ancient creatures that are still with us.

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Sep 15, 2012 ... Close inspection which we don't recommend in the wild would present distinct differences between alligators and crocodiles.

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Aug 1, 2014 ... Gomek was a large saltwater crocodile captured by George Craig in .... The claimed size of Krys is highly suspicious, because it is much larger ...

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May 14, 2016 ... Difference between Caiman, Alligator and Crocodile ... Most likely, their smaller size and aggressive behavior make them entertaining pets. ... The larger species of crocodiles are very dangerous to humans, mainly because of ...

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Size. The American alligator is the larger of the two species of alligator and typically ranges from 6-12 ft but can grow up to 19 ft.

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Size: Crocodiles are usually larger than alligators, and can reach 6 or 7 meters in length. The exception is the dwarf crocodile which can reach a maximum ...

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Full Answer. The exact size of a crocodile or alligator varies based on its species, but there are several defining characteristics that separate these two animals.