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Oct 19, 2015 ... The main reason is so you can play with two RC cars concurrently. ... Toy RC controllers usually come in 27 MHz or 49 MHz frequencies, but what ... between the two frequencies, and one doesn't perform better than the other.


As 2 of the 3 other answers point out, the 27 MHz or 49 MHz is the frequency of your remote control. It has nothing to do with the speed of the ...


Personaly, i have to R/C cars that are 27 MHZ and 49 MHZ and my 49 MHZ goes faster than the 27 MHZ. but the 27 MHZ has much more control than the 49 ...

Sep 2, 2011 ... A beginers introduction to 27MHz and 2.4GHz Radio Technologies including ... the video is to long. what is faster 27MHz or a 2.4GHz R/C car? and is it ... Sorry to be a bother: Can I use a 27mhz transmitter with a toy grade rc?


And Iordered a 2.4ghz version of the same vehicle. Will a 2.4ghz stock system get more range than a 27mhz or vice versa? .... may,, but generally only works with analog servos, so you can get better precision with 2.4 GHz.


It suddenly occurred to me that almost any toy RC car might be using this or almost similar architecture. I opened up 4 RC cars that were donated to the project ...


Jul 10, 2008 ... A radio controlled car or RC car is capable of reaching some fast speeds right out of the box. For those who race their cars on the asphalt or ...


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