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Why Deflation Is Worse Than Inflation - US News


Jul 16, 2010 ... On the surface, it sounds appealing: Prices fall, things get cheaper, and consumers catch a break. But deflation is a pernicious problem that can ...

Inflation Or Deflation: Which Is The Greater Risk? - Forbes


Jul 1, 2013 ... Most people understand that a drastic increase in a country's money supply will produce inflation. This is because if the monetary supply ...

Inflation is bad, but deflation is worse. The reason is that in a ...


You can read more on this “deflation is worse than inflation” theory in an article by US News here.

Why is deflation worse than inflation? - Quora


Nov 18, 2014 ... One general comment is that economics is a peculiar field. On the one hand it is possible to gain an understanding of its principles if one has a ...

Inflation is one of the most important variables in economics, as its impact is felt on everything from mortgage rates to union-management contract negotiations. We've got articles on what causes inflation and deflation, and on what impact inflation and deflation have... More »

Comparison between Inflation and Deflation


But inflation is the lesser evil. As pointed out by Keynes, “Inflation is unjust, deflation is inexpedient. Of the two deflations is worse. Inflation brings about rising ...

What does deflation mean to investors? - Investopedia


Now that you know the effects of deflation, you can imagine why it is considered worse than inflation: in times of inflation, governments curb spending and ...

Deflation in America: The greater of two evils - The Economist


May 7, 2009 ... Inflation is bad, but deflation is worse. ... “Inflation or deflation,” he warbles, “tell me if you can: will we become Zimbabwe or will we be Japan?”.

Why deflation is worse than inflation | Business Line


Oct 8, 2011 ... Deflation drives down prices, stalls the economy, and is considered a bigger evil than inflation.

What's So Scary About Deflation? | Mises Daily


Jun 26, 2013 ... Inflation is much worse than deflation because it robs wage earners and the poor. Central banks are the primary cause of inflation and are the ...

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Q: Which is worse, inflation or deflation?
A: It depends on which class of people you are dealing with. People in debt like inflation particularly if they have physical assets they bought on the debt like h... Read More »
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Q: Poll question: Which is worse inflation or deflation?
A: Deflation is worse! In order to have deflation there has to be a reduction in economic activity. This means that investments will be lower, jobs will be lost an... Read More »
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Q: Which is worse for the overall health of an economy: inflation or...
A: I would concur with most of the answers in saying that deflation is worse than inflation. . Inflation is a problem we know how to solve. and have actually done ... Read More »
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Q: Why is deflation worse than inflation?
A: Hi. Since people don't read anymore, the ideas are distilled in this MTV-style video: One general comment is that economics is a peculiar field.  On the one han... Read More »
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Q: Why is deflation worse than inflation?
A: Deflation is a condition where a country experiences lowering prices, it's the opposite of inflation which is rising Read More »
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