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As explained in more detail at Wikipedia:Manual of Style/Layout § Standard .... some thought experiments to help you test whether you are setting enough context: ... to use to find your article...

Metaphors for God: The Plural "us" in Cultural Context - CRI/Voice


Nov 20, 2015 ... Our cultural and historical context provides us with the language or languages we ... But this only hints at the larger issue in terms of biblical interpretation. ... As explained in some detail in the article Sons of God and Giants, ancient ... A similar example occurs in Job 1-2, where the setting is once again God ...

SparkNotes: The Canterbury Tales: Context


Also explains the historical and literary context that influenced The Canterbury Tales. ... might have met Boccaccio, whose writing influenced Chaucer's work, and Petrarch. ... describes in exquisite detail the garments and fabric that attire his characters. .... I'm not finding any hint as to which side Chaucer took regarding ...

Analyzing Literature: A Guide


Writing a Literary Analysis Paper as an In-Class Assignment . ..... Think about the setting of the work and its culture. Is the work set ... leaves hints along the way to set the stage for what is to come later. ..... as much detail as you can at this point.

Literature (Fiction) - The Writing Center at UNC-Chapel Hill


Writing an analysis of a piece of fiction can be a mystifying process. ... giving us just enough detail to lead us to their main points, and because they are relatively .... wish that Victor attend school where he could learn about a another culture. ... and character, setting still colors everything that's said and done within its ...

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level Language and Literature (EMC) specification and sample assessment ... ATONEMENT. Question: How does the writer of your text use settings? ... in the novel as a whole, and the broader generic context. The three main parts of .... The narrative is suspenseful, as these details hint at a ..... The cultural context of. India at ...

Writing Tips - Skidmore College


Advice, Hints, and Teensy Pearls of Wisdom for Weary and Wary Writers .... and strengthened or how you are using their ideas creatively in a different setting. .... when you are unsure of which word you should use given the context. .... poor," " sub-group," "culture," "sub-culture," and the like) and d...



In art (particularly sculpture) stylistic hints of the coming Renaissance can be seen ... The event deliberately symbolizes a renewed interest in classical culture, ... for example), and painters place the gospel scenes in ancient Roman settings.

Cultural Variations in the Classroom - Carnegie Mellon University


and advice concerning teaching in an increasingly multi-cultural setting, and it is organized ... provide examples of the kinds of issues that may affect students in your courses ..... that sophisticated and subtle writing hints at a point, but leaves it to the reader to ..... U.S. context can provoke considerable faculty resentment.

The Top 10 Elements of Setting In a Story - Writer's Digest


May 2, 2012 ... Discover the fundamental elements of setting and create a solid and ... started or want to break into fiction writing, setting is a crucial element to any story. ... Cultural, political, and social influences can range widely and affect ...

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Understanding the cultural bases for ethical behavior in both the USA and China can arm a marketer with .... As a case in point, at this writing, bribes are explicitly tax deductible in .... setting, the civic virtue of self-control will influence commercial transactions ... To summarize the impact of this ethical context on the conduc...

3 Communicating across Cultures


where cows and pigs are raised to be food, for example, that may seem normal until we meet people .... In high-context cultures, most of the information is inferred from the context of a mes- sage; little is .... Attention to detail. Low. High .... people in organizational settings adopt closed positions may indicate that many people.

Writer's Web: A List of Important Literary Terms


Archetypes embody an entire type of character from many cultures. ... Examples of dystopian fiction would be Orwell's 1984. ... or phrases, uses of repetition, references to earlier events in the text, or hints about what is to come. ... Many schools of modern literary criticism contend that the ideological context of both reader ...