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Prejudice is prejudgment, or forming an opinion before becoming aware of the relevant facts of a case. The word is often used to refer to preconceived, usually unfavorable, ... Gordon Allport define...

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Prejudice definition, an unfavorable opinion or feeling formed beforehand or without knowledge, thought, or reason. See more.

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Define prejudice: an unfair feeling of dislike for a person or group because of race, sex ... 1 : a liking or dislike for one rather than another especially without good ...

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Definition of prejudice: General: Irrational, preconceived opinion that leads to ... It is not good to have prejudice against buying any used car because often times ... The former slang term utilized to describe elderly individuals, dependents of ...

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Definition: Prejudice is a positive or negative cultural attitude directed toward members of a group or social category. ... Prejudice is a thought of racial or other form of inequality, not to be confused with discrimination, which is ... Get the best of

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Jan 27, 2015 ... Prejudice (say pre-joo-dis) is a word that means judging someone or ... and employers choose the best person for the job not whether that ...

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Top Definition. prejudice. The quality or condition of judging someone or a group of ... prejudice. Not liking a person or group without a good reason. Examples are ... 1) a term that when used implies that someone has mistakenly and usually ...

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Psychology definition for Prejudice in normal everyday language, edited by ... Prejudice: + add to my flashcards cite this term. There are many different ...

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Prejudice is a bias, favouring or opposing something based on personal opinion or feelings. ... It means to pre-judge or make an assumption beforehand. ... yes it is a word. many people use it.its the same a prejudice just with ness. ... Answer Pride and Prejudice is the best known and loved of Jane Austen's novels, focusing ....

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Dec 5, 2014 ... If the goal is to combat discrimination, is it useful to define racism as ... and dropping the "institutional" is at best further separating the gulf ...

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prejudice definition: Prejudice is an opinion or judgment that disregards the facts. ... LINK / CITE ADD TO WORD LIST ... stories &ellipsis; These are just the stories that I like best, and I am full of prejudice and strong opinions” (Ann Patchett). b.

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Define prejudice. prejudice synonyms, prejudice pronunciation, prejudice translation, ... or convictions: "This is not actually a volume of the best short stories ...

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Search Results; Advanced Search; List Builder; Random Word ... Prejudice is remarkably similar to its Latin root in form and meaning; the Latin praejudicium ...