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The point where the sides of a polygon meet is called the vertex. A polygon is a closed plane figure with three or more...



Star-shaped: the whole interior is visible from a single point, without crossing any ... Rectilinear: the polygon's sides meet at right angles, i.e., all its interior angles ...

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endpointendpointIt is called an apexvertex, plural verticesVertexA vertex.It is a vertex.

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Types | Formulas | Parts | Special Polygons | Names. Types of ... Regular polygons are both equiangular and equilateral. ... Vertex - point where two sides meet.


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A simple polygonal closed curve - A polygon closed curve that does not cross itself. ... A point where two sides meet is a vertex (plural form is vertices). Any two  ...



A line that meets a circle in exactly one point is called a tangent to the circle. ... A regular polygon is one where all the sides have the same length and all of the ...

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Adjacent sides definition: Two lines that meet at a polygon vertex. ... Two lines meeting at a point, the two lines forming adjacent sides. Usually found in triangles ...

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The incenter of a regular polygon is the point where the interior angle ... Circumcenter - the point where the three perpendicular bisectors of the sides meet.

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The line segment where two faces of a 3 dimensional figure meet. edge ... A solid figure with a polygon base and triangular sides that meet at a point. pyramid.

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So it looks like I have a point on every one of the vertices. So now I ... Vertices are plural for the vertex, which is a point in a polygon where two of the sides meet.

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Q: Which is the point where sides meet in polygon?
A: vertex, plural vertices Read More »
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Q: Which is the point where sides meet in a polygon a edge a endpoin...
A: vertex. Read More »
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Q: What is the point where sides meet in a polygon?
A: The point where two sides of a polygon meet is called a Read More »
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Q: What is a point where sides meet in a polygon.
A: endpoint. endpoint. It is called an apex. vertex, plural vertices. Vertex. A. vertex. It is a vertex. Read More »
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Q: What is the point where sides meet in a polygon?
A: vertex (plural: vertices). Read More »
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