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Science Fair Projects - Keeping it chill


The science fair project was done by using aluminum foil and plastic food wrap and observing how long each type of insulation could keep a bottle of water cold.

Conor T. - Science Project


Campers can keep their food supplies from spoiling by wrapping them in an ... My hypothesis was that aluminum foil would keep the water cold longest when ... Because of the results of this experiment, I wonder if plastic wrap will retain heat at ...

When do you use plastic wrap, when do you use aluminum foil?


Jun 2, 2007 ... When does it matter for what kind of food? ... I use foil to cover hot things and plastic wrap to cover room temp or cold ... But that is mostly to keep them from becoming a disaster in my bag ... A glass container wrapped with the right kind of plastic can be liquid & air tight, whether cold or in the microwave. Foi...

What Is the Best Insulator: Air, Styrofoam, Foil or Cotton? - Activity ...


Ice coolers work as insulators to keep drinks and food cold so that family .... pitcher of warm water; plastic wrap; baking pan; large book or magazine; freezer  ...

What's better for wrapping foodplastic or aluminum foil? | Shelf ...


Jan 25, 2011 ... Of the plastic products used to store, heat, or eat with (wraps, bags, containers, .... Will a foil cover help keep foods on the table hot or cold?

What Keeps Things Cooler: Aluminum or Plastic Wrap? - eHow


To best accomplish both aims, keep your food and drinks in an insulated cooler with some ice or a ... What Keeps Ice Colder: Plastic Wrap or Aluminum Foil?

What Keeps Ice Colder: Plastic Wrap or Aluminum Foil? | eHow


Cookbooks often instruct the reader to wrap food in aluminum foil or plastic wrap. Consumers frequently use the products interchangeably, despite the difference ...

3 Ways to Keep Frozen Foods Cold During a Power Failure - wikiHow


Wrap all newly purchased soon-to-be frozen foods in aluminum foil, shiny side toward the food. Make sure to ... If there is space, place some plastic bottles filled with water, on top of the frozen food. Image titled ...

What insulator will keep ice lasting the longest? | Shaheemjef's Blog


1. paper bag 2. plastic container 3. aluminum container 4. styrofoam Did you say ... order to keep ice from melting faster and to keep food and drinks cold or hot. ... is packaging including drinks cans, foil wrapping, bottle tops and foil containers.

Which Keeps Things Colder - Plastic Wrap Or Aluminum Foil? - Blurtit


Without any doubt, aluminum foil keeps things colder than plastic wrap. .... Aluminum foil because it does not produce heat then it will keep the food colder.

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What keeps things colder: plastic wrap or aluminum foil? | Reference ...


Aluminum foil keeps food colder than plastic wrap when food is removed from the refrigerator or freezer. In both cases, food must be wrapped tightly with no ...

Wrapping Food: Foil vs. Plastic - Real Simple


Foil. What it's best for: If you're refrigerating something smelly, foil creates a stronger barrier to keep odors in. Just be sure to seal as tightly as possible. Foil is  ...

What keeps things colder- plastic wrap or aluminum foil? | Yahoo ...


Just think when you touch aluminum its always colder than plastic. ... Likewise, did you know that newspaper is the best food wrap to keep things HOT?