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Sep 29, 2014 ... What is the simple subject of the following sentence? Then ... Which one of the following sentences contains a spelling error? A. Evelyn was not ...

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SPELLING: These questions test for the ability to spell words that are used in .... sentences, one of which will contain a grammar, usage, or punctuation error.

Which of the following sentences contains an error in diction ...


Actually, it should be spelled "loath", which is the adjectival form you need here. Other than that ... diction error ? And option A is the only one with diction error?

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May 11, 2009 ... The following example contains several spelling errors; “requied” and “ experiance” and ... If the word(s) used in the sentence are spelled incorrectly (i.e. not actual words), then the ... One does not argue with a state test.

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How would one correct the following error? ... If a quoted sentence contains the words “a threaded connection elements” is it proper to put sic after the word “a” or ..... If there is a spelling error rather than a grammar error, do you still use [sic]?

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Aug 20, 2015 ... Even after years of learning it in school, grammar is just one of those ... Normally, the object of the sentence appears at the end, following a verb. .... both words that make up that compound word are spelled with two o's. ... You can also use semicolons to separate items in a list when those items contain .....

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Mechanics (25%): Correct errors in capitalization, punctuation, spelling ... In the sentences that do not contain any errors (there will be some of these), you should .... In the following paragraph, one or more of the sentences may be irrelevant.

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The focus is on correcting errors in spelling, syntax, grammar, punctuation, and ... In other words, one does not want to spend a lot of time correcting sentences and ... A comma splice is defined as a sentence that contains two or more complete ... In Layman's terms, fix a comma splice by adding one of the following: and, but, ...

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One or two instances of an incorrect use of words, spelling errors, or punctuation ... Contains many errors in sentence construction, including comma splices, ...

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Rewrite the following sentences, correcting all their errors. Some sentences contain more than one error. 1. He said the book were a ... Rewrite these sentences in parallel form, correcting any other errors in grammar spelling or style. 1. He was ...

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Which one of the following sentences contains an incorrect


Search: Which one of the following sentences contains an incorrect usage of the .... If a sentence contains no errors, write correct. .... January 9, 2013 by spelling.

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This is one of many errors that LanguageTool can detect. Visit the ... This sentence contains a spelling mistake. ... Check the following text against just this rule:.

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Feb 18, 2013 ... How many mistakes are there in the following sentence? ... The first one contains 4 mistakes – 2 spelling/grammatical mistakes (contanes, ...