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Jan 17, 2007 ... Which one of the following sentences contains a spelling error? A. What would you like for desert? B. Every autumn we visit a quaint inn near ...

Which of the following sentences contains an error?

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Identify which one of the following sentences is missing punctuation. .... "One of these sentences contains error in Fragments, Comma Faults, Fused Sentences ( errors that result .... C.We need help with organization, structure, and spelling.

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May 11, 2009 ... The following example contains several spelling errors; “requied” and “ experiance” and ... If the word(s) used in the sentence are spelled incorrectly (i.e. not actual words), then the ... One does not argue with a state test.

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a = The line contains no spelling errors. ... This line contains one spelling error. ... For the following item, read the paragraph and select the choice which best ... sentences give details and develop the main theme; they usually follow the topic  ...

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How would one correct the following error? ... If a quoted sentence contains the words “a threaded connection elements” is it proper to put sic after the word “a” or ..... If there is a spelling error rather than a grammar error, do you still use [sic]?



One candidate wrote 126 words and managed to include five spelling errors ... The following sentence contains most of the common elements that make up the  ...

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Mechanics (25%): Correct errors in capitalization, punctuation, spelling ... In the sentences that do not contain any errors (there will be some of these), you should .... In the following paragraph, one or more of the sentences may be irrelevant.

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Feb 18, 2013 ... How many mistakes are there in the following sentence? ... The first one contains 4 mistakes – 2 spelling/grammatical mistakes (contanes, ...

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Following are a few gems from Metamagical Themas. ... How many mistakes are there in the sentence: 'This sentance contanes one misteak'? ... What is the question that contains the word cantaloupe for no apparent reason? .... The sentence contains three spelling mistakes, plus the false claim that it only contains one ...

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introduced spelling errors since spelling is not assessed via the editing ... The comma is optional following a short introductory element such as a ..... sentences may have more than one mistake, and other sentences may contain no mistakes.

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Sep 29, 2014 ... What is the simple subject of the following sentence? Then ... Which one of the following sentences contains a spelling error? A. Evelyn was not ...

Which of the following sentences contains an error in diction ...


... spot any mistakes? I see one in a). ... I assume by 'diction' you mean 'usage', so the little error in c) is irrelevant to your question. CJ. Veteran ... Actually, it should be spelled "loath", which is the adjectival form you need here. Other than that ...

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Aug 9, 2013 ... One There are no spelling errors. Question: 3 of 37 Proofreading ... Passage Which of the following sentences contains a spelling error?