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The eclectus parrot (Eclectus roratus) is a strong talker, although these ... It has been claimed that the hill mynah is the best talking bird and the best mimic in the  ...

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African grey parrots, quakers and budgies/parakeets fly to the top three spots as the .... "Male budgies are one of the best talkers available to companion bird ...

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... called the Quaker Parakeet, this colorful little bird is actually a small parrot. ... We have an excellent talker at our house, Disco, who is a two-year old budgie.

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Mar 21, 2008 ... Use TigerBird's parrot training CD's along with his NEW DVD to teach your parrot to talk! Parrot ... Well, Tigerbird has proved that they are pretty good talkers too! ... TigerBird New Hit Single African Grey Parrot best song talk ...

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What kinds of parrots have the best parrot talking ability? ... will mimic sounds and speech but only a handful of species are known to be really good talkers.

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A list of some of the most popular types of talking parrots, parakeets and ... Although they often get overlooked, one of the absolute best talkers in the bird world ...

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Include the following types of birds in your research if you want the best ... Quaker Parrots: These lively medium sized parrots can be impressive little talkers, and ...

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Nov 20, 2008 ... Very broadly speaking, most parrots and most children just don't mix. ... plummage like some parrots, nor are they known for being good talkers.

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by Mattie Sue Athan Quaker Parrots consistently rank high on every list of best talking parrots. Learn more about the Quaker's talking ability and ways to.

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The Top 10 Talkers For this list, in ... Yellow-Naped Amazon Of the Amazon parrots, the Yellow-Naped is the best known for its speaking abilities. They love to ...

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Q: Which Parrots Are the Best Talkers?
A: "African greys have been positioned as the most intelligent, the best speakers. according to Parrotalert.org. This pretty bird has the ability to hear sounds, m... Read More »
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Q: Which pet bird is the best talker.?
A: Congo African Greys are the best talkers, but also some of the most difficult birds to care for. They require a balanced diet, including fresh greens everyday. ... Read More »
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Q: Which trash talker is the best?
A: tough call, they all have tons of talent and are very quick. i would give props to eddie murphy for his length of career and the fact that he was one of the fir... Read More »
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Q: Which birds are the best talkers?
A: Be aware than not all birds will talk, even if they're from a species that generally does. There are African greys, for instance, who will imitate a host of noi... Read More »
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Q: Which of the following best describes the reason that the Navajo ...
A: Their language (Navajo's) was very hard to understand and it was just as hard to learn. It made it very easy for the Navajo to send secret messages in aide to t... Read More »
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