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The SoulPad's software stack is key to its operation. SoulPad is a mobile computing project developed by researchers at IBM. The project's aim is to ... The SoulPad project is the subject of...

Reincarnating PCs with Portable SoulPads - IBM


The ability to walk up to any computer, personalize it, and use it as one's own has long been a goal of mobile computing research. We present SoulPad, a new ...

Reincarnating pcs with portable soulpads


CiteSeerX - Document Details (Isaac Councill, Lee Giles, Pradeep Teregowda): been issued as a Research Report for early dissemination of its contents.

Portable Desktop Applications Based on P2P Transportation and ...


This paper presents such a solution for Windows desktop-applications based on lightweight ... However, our design actually does not rely on P2P, and another data ... For example, IBM's SoulPad [4] carries an auto-configuring OS with a virtual ... of portable storage devices and the ubiquitous network access, we propose a ...

Virtual disk based centralized management for enterprise networks


Sep 11, 2006 ... Concepts in this article Expand Paper Concepts. About ACM and IBM Watson .... Ardence Desktop Edition. http://www.ardence.com/enterprise/products.aspx? ... Mandayam Raghunath, Reincarnating PCs with portable SoulPads, ... Willy Zwaenepoel, The distributed V kernel and its performance for diskless ...

Kells: a protection framework for portable data - ACM Digital Library


Dec 6, 2010 ... About ACM and IBM Watson ... Portable storage devices, such as key-chain USB devices, are ubiquitous. ... This paper presents the Kells mobile storage system. ... Mandayam Raghunath, Reincarnating PCs with portable SoulPads, ... A Logic of Secure Systems and its Application to Trusted Computing, ...

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Reincarnating PCs with Portable SoulPads - IBM


Nov 8, 2004 ... In this paper we present SoulPad, a portable device carrying the software ... Another advantage is that the EnviroPCs do not require any .... each OS running in its own VM. 2.2 Issues .... the future we propose to investigate better backup schemes ..... sof ware products incorporate code to verify that the user.

Safe Transient Use of Local Storage for VM-based Mobility


Mar 6, 2010 ... This paper investigates the transient use of free local storage for ... boot from a portable storage device to create a “zero-install” ... We propose a zero-install solution called ... of this VM at a particular point in its execution is copied to a ...... AND RAGHUNATH, M. Reincarnating PCs with Portable SoulPads. In.

It's on my other computer! - ACM Digital Library


Apr 6, 2008 ... Concepts in this article Expand Paper Concepts. About ACM and IBM Watson ... valuable aspects of human-computer interaction and product ownership, but it ... Apps may be bundled with the computer and its system software, or may .... Mandayam Raghunath, Reincarnating PCs with portable SoulPads, ...