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12. Which sentence below contains a correctly used modifier


Nov 18, 2014 ... Which sentence below contains a correctly used modifier in italics? A. The sauce tasted bitterly, and I couldn't swallow it. B. I feel goodly now ...

11. Which sentence below contains a correctly used modifier in italics?

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reading what is the sequence of components in the following sentence listless and depressed by vistas of snow and grey sky's, Dieter left the cabin and walked  ...

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Jan 9, 2013 ... Which sentence below contains a correctly used modifier in italics? A. Joe looked sad at his broken bike. B. The sauce tasted bitterly, and I ...

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Learn about italics and how they are used to show emphasis, denote titles, vehicles ... This sentence is in Roman or normal text. ... The situations below provide some situations where italics are considered acceptable or are preferred. ... If a modifier or article (an, an, the) precedes the name of the vehicle, neither is italicized.

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In these sentences the words little and sweet are used to tell the kinds of children ... As we have already seen, every sentence contains a sub-ject and a predicate. ... Verbs which may be used as predicates, without the... XVIII. Modifiers 1. ..... A study of the italicized parts of the words in the sentences below will show that the  ...

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In the sentences that do not contain any errors (there will be some of these), you should choose the .... Transition words and phrases are used to relate ideas. .... Consider the sentence below and its revision (the modifiers are underlined). ..... Please note: in each example, the subject is italicized and the verb is underlined.

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This resource contains the answers to the exercises from Part 1, Lesson 1. ... The bold sentences in the paragraph below are irrelevant and could be eliminated ... I used to run every day, but now I go to dance classes to get my aerobic exercise ..... The sentences below contain correct quotation marks and italics/underlining.

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Read the sentences below to get an idea on modifiers. The modifiers are underlined, and the words that each modifier describes are italicized. 1. .... A misplaced modifier is one that is not correctly placed in the sentence and, therefore, describes the wrong ... The sentence contains no word for the modifier to logically modify.

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want to add modifiers (adjectives or adverbs) to a sentence, you'll normally place them ... where they belong because you're used to English word order. ... like who, whom, which, that and contain a subject and a verb. ... In the sentence below, the adjective clause is italicized and the word it seems to modify is in bold itali...

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Which sentence contains words in italics that form a gerund phrase? ... In which sentence are the italicized words a dangling modifier? ... In which of the following sentences is a semicolon used correctly? ... In the quoted questions below, I'll mark the answers I think are correct with an underline and bold ...

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Which sentence below contains a correctly used modifier


Jun 26, 2012 ... D. I feel badly because I lost the race. English - Ms. Sue, Tuesday, June 26, 2012 at 8:16pm. Which words are in italics? Which sentence do you ...

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MISPLACED MODIFIER: Some modifiers, especially simple modifiers — only, just, ... (In the sentence below, what does it mean to "barely kick" something?) ...

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Dec 28, 2007 ... Select the sentence in which all pronouns are used correctly. ... Which sentence below contains a correctly used modifier in italics? A. He spoke ...