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Raleigh, North Carolina skyline. New South, New South Democracy or New South Creed is a slogan in the history of the American South, after 1877. Reformers use it to call for a modernization of society and attitudes, to integrate more fully with the United States, and reject the economy and traditions of the Old South ... After the American Civil War, the South was impoverished and still rural;  ...


The Carolinas are the U.S. states of North Carolina and South Carolina, considered collectively .... For example, during the Civil War, South Carolina was the first Southern state to secede from the Union, while North Carolina was the last ... However, the predominance of certain crops has influenced the regional economy:.


The South's basic dependence on its agricultural economy, even when some new ... was not enough to sway the direction of the war to the North's advantage.


Transportation systems were more developed in the North than in theSouth.


What happened to the price of goods in south carolina during the civil war? ... ideas to the statement the north didn't so much win the civil war as the south lost the civil war? ... How did the Civil War affect the Northern and Southern economies?


Feb 3, 2017 ... Which statement best describes the author's arguments about the effects the War of ... The War of 1812 and the Civil War were both characterized by sustained ... Expansion to the north and south of the Ohio River in the 1780s brought .... Plummeting demand for cotton decimated the southern economy.


4. the South retained its pre-Civil War economic and social structure. 2. ... 4 Which statement best describes the economic differences between the North and South just ... (1) The Northern economy was primarily agricultural, while the Southern ...


in the New England colonies, the Middle colonies, and the Southern ... Based on Source 1, which of the following statements best describes the ... ☐C. Colonial governments and the Christian Church often fought over power, which led to civil war in .... Student's response does not identify reasons why the English North ...


SS.912.A.2.1. Which of these was a direct consequence of the Civil War? ... D. preventing violence against African Americans in the South ... Which phrase best completes the diagram? ... A. the availability of good jobs in the North and West .... Which statement describes the role played by the U.S. journalists during the ...


Which of the following statements BEST describes the structure of local and state ... Presidential Reconstruction focused on defeating the southern military forces, while .... The growth of industry in the United States following the Civil War was BEST ..... e. A dramatic expansion of the southern economy in the 1920s ...