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Scientific theory


A scientific theory is a well-substantiated explanation of some aspect of the natural world that is ..... The concept of a scientific theory has also been described using analogies and metaphors. .....

Which of these is not part of the same concept - Answers.com


What is the concept that everyone has the same chance to successful? ... it does not have to be the same day after the act of sex conception can take a few ...

The Definition of Morality (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy)


Apr 17, 2002 ... Which of these two senses of “morality” a theorist is using plays a ... in the sense at issue, and what is part of a moral theory, is not entirely sharp. ... derive from its religion, morality and religion are not the same thing, even in that case. ..... Kant ( 1785) may provide an account of this wide concept of moralit...

The Concept of the Ecosystem - Global Change Program


These two processes are linked, but they are not quite the same (see Figure 1). ... is controlled in part by organisms, which store or transform elements, and in ...

Human Culture: What is Culture?


May 26, 2006 ... Since Tylor's time, the concept of culture has become the central ... In complex, diverse societies in which people have come from many different parts of the world, they ... These are learned behavior patterns that are shared by all of ... While human societies and cultures are not the same thing, they are ...

Scrum Guide | Scrum Guides


Scrum (n): A framework within which people can address complex adaptive problems, ... to accomplish the work without depending on others not part of the team. ... The Scrum Master helps everyone change these interactions to maximize the ..... The same definition guides the Development Team in knowing how many ...

What are Cognitive Skills and Abilities? | SharpBrains


Dec 18, 2006 ... It is the set of mental abilities or processes that are part of nearly every ... At the same time, make a circular movement with your left hand (as if you .... for no other reason..to be a decent person. well..these guys did not do that, ...

Verbal Ability Tests - What You Need to Know - Psychometric Success


These tests usually involve grammar, analogies and following detailed written instructions. ... These are words which have either the same or opposite meanings. .... Dick can not work as fast and needs 36 hours to paint the fence by himself. ... Some questions measure your ability to perceive and understand concepts and ...

What is the Document Object Model? - W3C


However, the DOM does not specify that documents must be implemented as a tree or a grove, nor ... Object Model implementations are used to create a representation of the same document, ... The functions associated with these objects determine how the objects may be manipulated, and they are part of the object model.

Chapter 5: The Living Environment - Project 2061


Living organisms are made of the same components as all other matter, involve the ... Indeed, classification systems are not part of nature. ... Each of these sex cells contains an unpredictable half of the parent's genetic information. .... A central concept of the theory of evolution is natural selection, which arises from three ...

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Concepts, Theory-Theory of | Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy


Prototype theory derives in large part from the work of Eleanor Rosch and her ... These theories assume that concepts represent statistical information about the ..... one which matches in the cause (same virus) but not the effect (runny nose), ...

Substance (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy)


Oct 3, 2004 ... But the concept of substance is essentially a philosophical term of art. ... In David Hume's system, impressions and ideas are the substances, for the same reason. ... Probably the only theories which do not would be those forms of .... But failure to meet these standards is not carelessness on Plato's part.

There Is No Such Thing as Race - Newsweek


Nov 8, 2014 ... The notion of race may be real, but the science is not. ... to the same species and that “race” is not a biological reality but a myth. ... the important news that most anthropologists reject the concept of biological races. .... For the most part, each trait has a distinct distribution from other traits, and these trait...