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Which of these is the most likely result of polar ice caps melting


Fishes would be harmed by changes to the ocean water (apex).

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Mar 15, 2016 ... The earth's marine ecosystems are under pressure as a result of climate change. ... The polar regions are particularly vulnerable to a warming atmosphere. ... as they are elsewhere on earth, and the world's ice sheets are melting fast. ... wildlife , and plants; its most serious impact may be on rising sea levels...

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Feb 16, 2007 ... Also, the lack of polar ice caps reflecting sunlight back into space would increase the ... The truth is, most of the world banned the use of CFC's almost 20 years ago now, ... More likely is that only a portion of the ice melts, increasing sea levels by a few feet or meters. The results would still be catastrophic.

Study: Melting Greenland ice sheet is rapidly slowing the Gulf Stream


Mar 24, 2015 ... If true, this is vindication for those who think global warming is likely to ... is most likely related to another tipping point, which is the melting of the Greenland ice sheet. ... since the study shows that these models may be underestimating ... ocean circulation's gears by melting more polar land ice, although ...

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Dec 17, 2014 ... Ice is melting in both polar ice caps and mountain glaciers. ... Here is an in-depth look at these changes and more. .... of chronic conditions like asthma, are already occurring, most likely as a direct result of global warming.

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Tipping points, however, will most likely result in an abrupt or disjunct response. The most immediate tipping point appears to be the melting of Arctic summer sea ice, ... At these waters warm productivity and fisheries will be negatively impacted . ... will effect ocean currents and increase the melting of the Greenland ice cap.

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Melt Pond Theory ... Most of the icebergs infesting North Atlantic shipping lanes originate from ... Studies of polar bear populations indicate that declining sea ice is likely to ... These maps provide examples of late winter and late summer ice cover in the .... The ice growth likely results from a combination of winds and ocean ...

"What if all the ice melts?" Myths and realities - Johnston's Archive


Dec 29, 2005 ... "If we keep using cars, the ice caps will melt and we'll all drown!" This is a myth, just as false as fearing the Sun will die as a result of using solar power. ... In most cases these are measurements over a limited time range extrapolated ... In the case of the East Antarctic Ice Sheet, which accounts fo...

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could occur as a result of the melting of the polar ice caps, are considered to pose ... on these environments for at least part of their life cycle are considered to be most at ... This contribution looks at the most likely impact on the world's marine ...

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Jan 1, 1997 ... Earth's climate naturally fluctuates between warm periods and ice ages. ... perspective on these historic changes, including the likely causes of the last great ice ... they are most likely the result of a complicated dynamic interaction between ... Between 52 and 36 million years ago, ice caps developed in East ...

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What would be most likely result of the polar ice caps melted


Cities on the ocean would be in danger of flooding.

Ice Sheets, Rising Seas and Global Warming


If there were substantial melting of the Greenland ice cap, and especially of the titanic volume of .... the net result of such activities was to take water from the oceans or to put more in. ... Antarctica was the most likely source of all that water. ... According to these models, if the West Antarctic Ice Sheet diminished at all, it ...

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Aug 26, 2015 ... And when ice on land melts and water runs into the ocean, sea level rises. ... These measure the movement of mass, and hence gravity, around Earth every 30 days. ... We know that today's sea level rise is about one-third the result of the ..... Polar bears are among the animals most affected by the seasonal ...