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This is about an injury of a muscle. For a novel, see The Strain. For other uses, see Strain ... These can be signs of a broken or fractured bone, a sprain, or a complete muscle tear. ... Muscles an...

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Its called a strain ... The patella is embedded in the tendon of which muscle? .... What is the medical term meaning twist or pull of a muscle or tendon? ... Why does the electrolytic reduction of these metals proceed under molten salt conditions?

What is the medical term meaning twist or pull of a muscle or tendon


strain. Strain (A+) It is called a strain. ... What is the medical term meaning twist or pull ... term meaning surgical division of a ... in a muscle facia or in a tendon, is  ...

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Sep 16, 2015 ... Learn more about these common injuries from the experts at WebMD. ... a stretch or tear, this time affecting the muscle itself or a tendon (the ...

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These terms are interchangeable, but they're not synonymous with “sprain.” Straining a muscle or tendon (the tough, cord-like end of the muscle that attaches to ... These muscles often pull because they're tight and because most people don't ...

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Tendons: the tough, rubbery cords that link muscles to bones. ... If you have an overuse injury this may mean that you have been unconsciously overstraining or .... These are often caused by a combination of heat, lack of fluids in the body ( dehydration), and ... This is a term for pain in the shin bone relating to exercise.

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to impair, injure, or weaken (a muscle, tendon, etc.) ... to draw off (clear or pure liquid) by means of a filter or sieve: .... Would these, cut from green wood, as they must be, stand the strain of taking off? ... Latin stringere (2) "bind or draw tight," from PIE root *strenk- "tight, narrow; pull tight, twist" (c...

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... constantly to lift, carry, push, pull, or otherwise move objects, including the human body. ... Related Terms ... These sprains usually are associated with muscle spasm. ... A grade III strain is a severe strain in which the muscle or tendon is ruptured, ..... Any Sales inquiries should include an email address or other means of ...

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With a back strain, the muscles and tendons that support the spine are twisted, pulled, or torn. ... A sprain often results from a fall or sudden twist, or a blow to the body that ... All of these conditions stretch one or more ligaments beyond their normal .... Website Terms of Use · Website Privacy Policy · Notice of Pri...

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The term “sports injury,” in the broadest sense, refers to the kinds of injuries that most ... A strain is a twist, pull, or tear of a muscle or tendon, a cord of tissue .... Aside from these joints, the joint most frequently dislocated is the shoulder.

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Tendonitis is the medical term meaning inflammation of the connective tissue binding muscles to bones. Tendinitis is the medical term for inflammation of a ...

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There are many different types of injury; Muscle Injuries, Tendon Injuries, ... In a muscle tear, these Platelets would be located between the two torn bits of muscle . ... This organisation means that stress is dissipated evenly through the tissue when it ... Over the coming days this Scar Tissue begins to contract and pull the two ...

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A strain is a stretching or tearing of muscle or tendon. A tendon is a fibrous cord of tissue that connects muscles to bones. Strains often occur in the lower back ...