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Program optimization


In computer science, program optimization or software optimization is the process of modifying ... Thus optimization can typically proceed via refinement from higher to lower, with ... On longer-run...



Parallelism. 1. Use parallel structure when expressing a list. Incorrect: The suspect had a scar on the right side of his face, a birthmark on his forehead, and was ...

Subject-Verb Agreement on GMAT Sentence Correction - Magoosh


Jul 31, 2013 ... (C) with 1.3 billion people, many living in outlying rural areas far to the ... able to appreciate that infinity can be studied with rigorous precision. ... are expressed as plurals, and this trap is not relevant for these. ... Answers with the plural verb, “ have been“, (A) & (D), are incorrect. ... 3) Split #1: Par...

Parallelism and concurrency need different tools - Yossi Kreinin


May 15, 2013 ... Lots of languages and tools are advertised as good at these things ... Rule of thumb: use Pure Parallelism if you can, Concurrency otherwise. ..... Areas of differences include: .... (The author falls into this same trap, when he fails to appreciate .... that is tracked and incorrect behavior is detected as it happens.

1970 ACM Turing Lecture - MIT Media Lab


Form-content confusion is discussed relative to three areas: theory of computation, ... We simply do not know enough about these, in the theory of computation, to teach ... It is instructive to consider the analogy with physics, in which one can .... this; most people think, with surely incorrect optimism, that parallelism is usually a...

Using Parallel Maya - Autodesk


As you can imagine, the amount of parallelism depends on how your scene has been constructed. .... to Serial evaluation this indicates that the EM is building an incorrect EG for your scene. ... These guarantees no longer apply for Parallel Maya. ... This is due to Safe Mode, which is an attempt to trap errors that lead to ...

Adding Scheduler Activations to Mach 3.0 - FTP Directory Listing


Aug 3, 1992 ... incorrect behavior in the face of blocking kernel operations such as ... Trapping into the kernel is more expensive than a simple procedure call. ... A user-level thread package can be customized and optimized for each application's needs ... parallelism crosses above or below its current processor allocation.

ORCA: Ordering-free Regions for Consistency and Atomicity


Apr 28, 2016 ... program's original (and possibly incorrect) synchronization. ... race-free, showing that these safety properties are insufficient ..... creases parallelism and can help avoid exceptions as well, .... with the ORCA runtime via a user-level trap on memory ac- ... The area of a lock cache is 76µm2, and lock caches.

Language Log » Eleven mistakes about grammar mistakes


Mar 8, 2010 ... It has a page where teachers can supposedly learn from "11 ... to Language Log, not a single one of these alleged grammar mistakes is both (a) genuinely r. ... the basic elements of an area of knowledge or skill : the grammar of wine. ..... "a trap in which to fall" (or "a trap to fall in") incor...

Page 1 THE DASH PROJECT: ANOVERVIEW David P. Anderson ...


Feb 29, 1988 ... In each of these areas, vertically integrated .... In particular, the following goals can be ... if true, then impersonation (delivery of a message with incorrect ... A DASH system can encompass many networks. .... dles some operations itself and traps to the kernel for others. ..... ing with kernel parallelism.

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Exercise: Faulty Parallelism


Use this self-scoring exercise to test what you have learned. Feedback to your responses will guide you through each question. INSTRUCTIONS: For each item  ...

Common Errors in English Usage by Paul Brians - Washington State ...


All of these abbreviations can also be spelled without their periods. ... "12:00 PM" you should avoid this expression not only because it is incorrect, ..... When the mole keeps eluding the traps you've set in the garden, it's being elusive. ..... The language which they speak, and which has spread widely to other area...

5 Grammar Mistakes that Make You Sound Like a Chimp ...


Sep 10, 2009 ... If you obsess over every grammatical and structural point, you can come across as stiff. ... “These people didn't know what they were doing” is correct, and so is “ This .... is people in my book, even though the cadence and parallelism in a .... I think you're incorrect here because “Bob, Mr Parsons and me” ...