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Parallelism. 1. Use parallel structure when expressing a list. Incorrect: The suspect had a scar on the right side of his face, a birthmark on his forehead, and was ...


Jul 8, 2016 ... ... and make sure you don't fall into one of the problematic grammar traps. Here are 15 common grammar mistakes that can kill your credibility as a writer: ... There are hundreds of these commonly confused words, so when in doubt, ... Faulty parallelism occurs when two or more parts of a sentence are ...


Jan 1, 2008 ... tion area, and thus design engineers must be familiar ... bearings can make faster , more precise machines which .... Ideally the surface has only valleys which act to trap pools of lubricant .... Can you draw a stick figure to visualize these degrees of ... Bearings are often overloaded by incorrect mounting.


You can navigate through the tutorials using the menu on the left, but we suggest .... and recycled water; installing solar panels; replant trees in the construction area ... Correct the verb form in the following example of incorrect parallelism. .... Greenhouse gases trap heat from solar radiation, similar to the way glass panes  ...


Aug 27, 2012 ... If our smart contributors make these mistakes, chances are you make ... Contractions can also make your post easier to read and comprehend.


10.8 Using Parallelism, Coordination, ... To correct these types of fragments, you can either add the missing subject and verb or ... Sometimes, when providing examples and supporting detail for our work, we fall into the trap of using a ... Both run-on sentences and comma splices are incorrect because they leave out an ...


these machines can be scaled up. When that limit is ... or task-level, parallelism by connecting together several. such machines as ... processors. Current local area networks (LANs) can be used to ..... ticular, incorrect application software may corrupt CAB. operating .... rupts by reserving a register window for trap handling.


Jan 4, 2002 ... Our results indicate that the JVM's heap area has a higher memory error ... Applications can then potentially use incorrect value on their next ... As a result, when these errors escape hardware protection, it is only .... If the error is consumed, the child process traps and the parent wakes from this trap signal.


Two ways to solve surface area problems in GMAT Quant Solving questions .... While that's a logical way to start on these questions, a common mistake by ... This can be quickly remedied by reviewing the basics of verb tenses. .... clause and eliminate answers containing incorrect forms with regards only to this first clause.