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Dec 30, 2008 ... Best Answer: C. Replicate Viruses are simple, and not cells, they attach to a cell infect it with viral RNA than disperse. They dont metbolize, use ...

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Because viruses do not consist of cells, they also lack cell membranes, ... Without these structures, they are unable to make proteins or even ... Although viruses are not classified as living things, they share two important traits with living things.

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Nov 5, 2015 ... Reproduction. Viruses are able to "reproduce" by hijacking the machinery of host cells.

What characteristics of living things do viruses have?

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please help me with these to questions! The trait that viruses share with living things is the ability to a. adapt. b. use food. c. respond. d. reproduce. and Some ...

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These micro organisms belong to the family of viridae and Genus of virus. ... They are considered both a living and non living things. ... They do not respire, do not metabolize and do not grow but they do reproduce. ... Precautions: Avoid sharing personal items, such as tooth-brush, intravenous needles, syringes, cotton, ...

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Viruses are infectious agents with both living and nonliving characteristics. 2. Living characteristics of viruses include the ability to reproduce – but only in living host ... folds encoded by viral genomes that are shared with the genomes of cells. ... are grown in a synthetic medium and the viruses are then grown in these cells.

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Jun 9, 2004 ... Following the 7 characteristics of life only two characteristics are present ... They require H20 to do the same things that all living organisms do.

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These discoveries blur the line between viruses and life even further. However ... Living things have to be able to do a *giant* list of things. .... Virus are considered non-living thing because virus lack most of the characteristics of living thing.

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Sep 4, 2011 ... What characteristics do all living things share? ... As you will see cells, which are very much alive, have all eight of these characteristics. ... missing, it cannot be alive a point that gets very confusing when we talk about viruses.

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Thinking about viruses and their relegation to the realms of non-living and ... Yeast and other fungal prions share no amino acid sequence similarities with mammal ... These capabilities and characteristics do not give a ready answer to the ...

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But these prokaryotes show another hallmark of life that viruses lack: growth. ... Viruses do, however, show some characteristics of living things. ... Instead, we will look at the characteristics shared by all viruses, such as their basic structure and ...

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Pretty much everything. Since viruses are not alive, they have many things in common with that of a non-living things. Some of these characteristics includes: ...

The trait that viruses share with living things is the ability


Which of the following is NOT a characteristic that all organisms share? Select one: a. ... microbiology. What characteristics of living things do viruses have?