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Cultural heritage


Cultural heritage is the legacy of physical artefacts and intangible attributes of a group or ... Their preservation demonstrates a recognition of the necessity of the past and of ... These are gene...

What's the Difference Between Cultural Exchange and Cultural ...


Oct 13, 2013 ... So there is an unequal exchange between Western culture – an all-consuming ... Cultural appropriation is itself a real issue because it demonstrates the imbalance of ..... involved, such as a history of ethnic or racial conflict between the two groups. ..... Their is very significant differences in these cultures.

The Peace Corps Cross-Cultural Workbook - Smith College


The Peace Corps acknowledges the following people in the intercultural field who kindly responded to ... you will hear your own voices, and read and write your own cross-cultural stories. ...... the differences between two cultures, we are often looking at different ... but without talking about groups, we can't talk about culture.

Ethnicity, Culture, and "The Past" - University of Michigan


Further, not all culturally-distinct groups are ethnic groups precisely, and (in an odd ... The first of several issues I might raise, following DeVos's definition above, is which ... For example, the difference between "ethnicity" and "ancestry" has been ..... The remaining two groups he calls diasporas and immi...

Cultural Intelligence - Career Development From MindTools.com


This is a key skill when working with culturally diverse groups. ... success and failure, and the difference between solving problems and creating them. ... According to Livermore, you must develop each of these to be culturally intelligent. .... To cut a long story short, when we held meetings I was always very to the point.

Cross-Cultural Differences in Children's Choices, Categorizations ...


These findings suggest that cross-cultural differences in emphasis on groups versus .... Chinese and Canadian children between 7 and 11 years of age were .... In Experiment 1, the child story character in two stories told a lie or the truth to an ..... prosocial deeds and achievements to demonstrate confidence, character, and ...

constants across cultures in the face - Paul Ekman


sion, and these may have taught the people in each culture to recognize the unique ... the hypothesis that the association between particular facial muscular patterns. Langley ... To demonstrate the hypothesized universal ... were members of two preliterate cultures who ... group of three pictures simultaneously, read a story,.

How is Cultural Competency integrated in education?


These collaborations should foster equitable outcomes for all students and result in the ... Many examples demonstrate cultural competence in the provision of ... Intra–group differences, such as geographic location or socioeconomic ... to service delivery reflecting an understanding of diversity between and within cultures.

Making Differences Matter: A New Paradigm for Managing Diversity


Organizations usually take one of two paths in managing diversity. ... When allowed to, members of these groups can help companies grow and improve .... Meanwhile, there also was some concern expressed about tension between white .... And like the access paradigm, it acknowledges cultural differences among people ...

Cultural competence in clinician communication


Some of the variance across cultural groups can be affected by immigration, ... cultural differences, the expansion of cultural knowledge, and the adaptation ... of Western medicine, patients' cultural norms demonstrate more community .... This patient, as is the case with many immigrant children, was in between two worlds.

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Chapter 27. Cultural Competence in a Multicultural World | Section 2 ...


And in order to work with people from different cultural groups effectively, you will need to ... How have these different cultures and identities affected your life? ... culture's and histories; Listen to people tell their stories; Notice differences in .... to live according to its values, and they feel they have to choose between...

National Cultural Differences and Multinational Business - AACSB ...


The Korean Air example is particularly noteworthy for two reasons. ... differences across countries rather than other cultural groups because this level of .... Instead , the cultural dimensions simply demonstrate different preferences or priorities for ... between countries along these four dimensions in order to quantify cultural ...

Culture and Emotion | Noba


These studies reveal both cultural similarities and differences in various aspects of emotional life. .... East Asian contexts encourage members to prioritize group over personal ... However, their facial expressive behavior told a different story. ... a greater balance between the two (Sims, Tsai, Wang, Fung, & Zhang, 2013).