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Among the three major types of rock, fossils are most commonly found in sedimentary rock. Unlike most igneous and metamorphic rocks, ...

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D), 46 million. 2. Which of the following fossils are not found in sedimentary rock? Need a Hint? A), frozen mammoths. B), petrified wood. C), amber. D), imprints.

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Fossils are primarily found in sedimentary rocks because these rocks form at low temperatures and pressures. Igneous rocks form at temperatures and ...

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Fossils form in sedimentary rocks such as limestone, shale and sandstone. The other ... Igneous and metamorphic rocks do not contain fossils due to the high ...

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Interestingly enough, while sedimentary rocks are found in most places, fossils are not so easy to find. Lots of sedimentary rocks contain no recognizable fossils  ...

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Jan 27, 2011 ... Living fossils are nearly identical to those found in the fossil record. .... That is a nice story, but that is not how fossils form, let alone a layer 50 feet thick. ... Sedimentary rocks can form in short periods of time instead of requiring ... After observing the events following the eruption of Mount St. Helens and...

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Oct 16, 2016 ... That's why fossils can't be found in the igneous rocks. ... (Which CAN NOT originally contain any FOSSIL) or the sedimentary rocks (Which CAN ...

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Most fossils are found in sedimentary rock, which is the most common type of rock on ... Shale, sandstone, and limestone are types of sedimentary rocks that often ... is very common, finding fossiliferous (fossil-bearing) rocks is not very difficult.

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Sedimentary rocks form when mud and sand are deposited in layers on the Earth's surface. The layers are deposited in ... The oldest dinosaur fossils are found in Triassic age rocks! ... The Atlantic Ocean and Gulf of Mexico had not yet formed.

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Fossil layers are fossils that formed in sedimentary rock. Sedimentary rock is rock that is formed in layers by the depositing and pressing of sediments on top of ...