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A non-renewable resource is a resource that does not renew itself at a sufficient rate for sustainable economic extraction in meaningful human time-frames.

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Answer to Which of the following is a nonrenewable resource? A: Natural gas B: Hydrogen fuel cell C: Wind power D: Solar energy...

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Answers. PokémonTrainer; Ambitious. 2015-05-01T12:45:49-04:00. D. Coal is a non-renewable resource. It will eventually run out. Comments; Report. 0.

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nonrenewable energy. energy resources that can not be replaced at a rate equal to, or faster than they are consumed. Example: petroleum, natural gas, coal, ...

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Nonrenewable resources include coal, petroleum, natural gas and nuclear energy. Coal, as of 2015, is the most abundant nonrenewable resource, and coal  ...



An example of a renewable resource is: A. groundwater. B. oil. C. gold. D. coal. E. wind. 35. Which of the following resources is nonrenewable? A. groundwater ...

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Dec 11, 2015 ... Describes renewable and nonrenewable resources. ... Classify the following resources as renewable or nonrenewable: coal, copper, iron, ...

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Which of the following is an example of a nonrenewable resource? A) apple. B) water. C) sunlight. D) oil. 5. Fossil fuels are -. A) renewable. B) nonrenewable

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A nonrenewable resource is a resource of economic value that cannot be readily ... Following the basic premise of supply and demand, as nonrenewable ...

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