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What is the most effective revision to make in sentence 3? A But it wasn't often ... sentence 32. Which of the following could best replace sentence 32 and help strengthen .... Which sentence below would best follow and support sentence 15 ?

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Mar 25, 2011 ... Which of the following would be most effective to use as supporting evidence? ..... The sentence below could be from a research report. Select the ... Which of the following statements about revising a research paper is true?

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Revision Questions: These questions will ask you to pick the best revision for an underlined ..... In the example sentences below, the modifiers are underlined.

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1. Which of the following is the best revision of sentence 1 below? There is an axiom used in urban planning and it is this: increasing safety for bicyclists will ...

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writing skills taught in most first-year college composition courses. ... elements of the following basic reference and research skills .... 3. Which is the best revision of sentence 3 (reproduced below)? Actually, supposedly, that's the best way to.

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The best answer for these questions is the one that leaves the sentence as originally written. The best .... (6) This action causes cooking to begin just below the food's surface. ... Which revision should be made to the placement of sentence 9?

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Which sentence most effectively matches the style of this passage and could be added to the end of the ... Taking these ideas into consideration, review the passage below: .... What revision of sentence (2) best results in an objective tone ?

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Often the best way to solve the problem is to recast the entire sentence; ... Overuse of these techniques makes the writing infuriating to read. ... Sometimes, revising the sentence in this way changes the meaning of what ... You can also use this device to eliminate the use of "him or her"; consider the two sentences below:.

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Which is the best way to write the italicized portion of these sentences? If the original is the ... 4. Which sentence below would be most effective at the beginning of paragraph B? ... Which revision would improve the effectiveness of this letter?

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In order to have a simple sentence (independent clause), you need these three elements: ... Here is a list of the most frequently used conjunctive adverbs. ... The sentence below is another example of a comma splice. .... Choose this best sentence pattern for each individual writing instance, and thus use the written word to ...

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What Is the most effective revision of the sentence your family and ...


What Is the most effective revision of the sentence your family and you enjoy ... Can anyone help you with the predicate to the following sentence your family ...

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In Which One Of The Following Sentences Is The Semicolon Used Correctly? ... Of The Following Represents The Correct Revision Of The Sentence Below?

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Which of these is the best way to revise Sentence 2 to make it a clear and effective sentence? Native people use ... Then choose the clearest and most effective revision of the sentence. I was excited ... Read the sentence below. Then choose ...

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What is the best revision to make in sentence 9? F With the aid of a search ... Which of the following would be the most effective sentence to add to the beginning of the third paragraph ..... Read the information in the box below. It has been said ...

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Question : Please complete the following sentence by choosing the correct verb: ... Question : Please choose the best revision for the sentence below: Too much ...