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What Is the most effective revision of the sentence your family and ...


My family and I enjoy many activities: hiking, skiing, riding bikes, and having picnics. ... Can anyone help you with the predicate to the following sentence your family hiked up ... For information about how to do cardio exercise correctly for fat burning, see the page link, further down this page, listed under Related Questions.

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Aug 11, 2009 ... The following practice questions are all sentence structure ... The most effective revision of sentence 1 would include which group of words?

The Best Approach for Improving Paragraphs on SAT Writing


Jun 22, 2015 ... Can you tell which correct version of a sentence best suits the paragraph that it's in? ... Below, I have broken down specific strategies for each of the main ..... In context, which of the following is the best way to revise the ...

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The best answer for these questions is the one that leaves the sentence as originally .... (6) This action causes cooking to begin just below the food's surface. .... The most effective revision of sentence 11 would include which group of words ?

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chart below reviews the main skill areas tested. Read them and decide ... But some of these grammatically correct sentences will need to be ... this case, a question will ask Which revision should be made to sentence x to improve the ... would be most effective at the beginning of the paragraph? will be asked. Following this ...

Strategies for Teaching Revising for Coherence

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Jan 19, 2015 ... under upon. 9. Restatement. Transitions in other words in short ... Which of the following ideas could best follow sentence _____ and help ...

Use revision in a sentence | revision sentence examples


Example sentences with the word revision. revision example sentences. ... assembly for the revision of the constitution met at Canea in the following June.

Revising and Presenting Your Writing - 2012 Book Archive


Readers often have difficulty following a document if the writer makes the common error of ..... The subject and verb should agree on the number under consideration. ... David pondered how to best revise [how best to revise] the sentence.

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Questions 1-6 refer to the following passage, which is a draft of an essay: (1) Cicero said ... Which is the best version of the underlined portion of sentence 3 ( reproduced below)? ... Which version of sentence 8 would form the best transition between paragraphs two and three? ... What revision is most needed in sentence 9?

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Since you already know what you're trying to say, you aren't always the best ... In Draft 3, he does not suggest this until the sentence that begins "Yet," and ... lap on shores everywhere, still guards lovers that kiss in every land under no banner but the sky. ... As you revise your own work, keep the following princ...

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Which Of The Following Is The Most Effective Revision Of The ...


In Which One Of The Following Sentences Is The Semicolon Used Correctly? Writing ... What is the best way to revise for edexcel science b1b gcse exams?

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Read the passage and select the best answers for the questions that follow. ... is the best way to phrase the underlined portion of sentence 4 (reproduced below)? ... Which of the following is the best way to revise and combine sentences 5 and ...

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Writing is a process of discovery, and you don't always produce your best .... For instance, the following sentence, “There are several examples of the ... This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs ...