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I. mis.

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A little digging will uncover just what the root word really means. ... For example, the following root words are provided with their meaning and, in italics, with an ...

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Link, Root word, Meanings, Origin, Examples and Definitions ... ambiguous - having more than one meaning; ambivalence - conflicting or opposite ..... and forcefully; emissary - a representative of a country or group sent on a mission; eject ...

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The root "dict" means speak. These vocabulary words come from that root. Learn with flashcards, games, and more — for free.

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Jun 5, 2013 ... The following lists are not all-inclusive. They are a ... Prefix - A word part added to the beginning of a root or base word to create a new meaning, .... Mit, mitt, and miss come from the Latin mittere & missus meaning to send.

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Click on a specific letter to see a Latin or Greek Root and associated words from each root ... Root : AB Meaning : ( off, away from, apart (prefix) ) Example : Aberration - HS ..... Example : transfer, vociferious, infertile, odoriferous, Root : FER

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Greek and Latin Roots. ... Common Prefixes, Suffixes, and Root Words: Roots. Root. Meaning. Examples. acer, acid, acri. bitter, sour, sharp. acerbic, acidity, acrid, acrimony. acu. sharp. acute .... ferry, coniferous, fertile, defer, infer, refer, transfer.

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Prefixes, suffixes, or other root words add meaning to the root. If students .... Mitt and mit come from the same Latin word meaningsend.” Tract is from the Latin ...

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Familiarity with common Greek and Latin roots, as well as common prefixes and suffixes, can help students understand the meaning of new words. ... sent, to feel; to send, consent, resent. spect, to look, inspection, spectator. struct, to build ...

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... terminology. Suffix, prefix, and root words. ... Suffix: The ending part of a word that modifies the meaning of the word. Example: ... -mission, [ to send ]. -mnesia ...

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Root words are the building blocks to a strong vocabulary. ... meaning: Small; Miss or Mit meaning: Send; Mov, Mot, or Mob meaning: Move; Mon meaning: Warn ...

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Quick Summary. Sent-feel The Latin root sent and its variant form sens mean to ' feel.' Some common English words that come from these two roots include ...

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The root "trans" means across or through. These are vocabulary words from that root. Learn with flashcards, games, and more — for free.