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What sentences correctly uses the homonym pair allowed aloud


All of the above use this homonym pair correctly. ... Use these homophones in one sentence aloud allowed? ... Which sentence correctly uses a colon? Here are ...

Homophones: Definition, Usage, List and Examples - K12 Reader


Homophones are words that are pronounced the same but they have different ... Have you ever wondered which variation of the word “bear” to use in a sentence? ... These tricky words and many others like them are members of a group of words called homophones. ... wear, where ... Let's go buy a new pair of shoes.

Homophones - English Homophones - Learn English Free


A homophone is a word that sounds like another word but has a different ... Now try and work out the correct sentences from the following tests. ... packed | pact | pale | pail | pain | pair ... weak | weal | weald | wear | week | weigh | weight

Commonly Misused Words and Phrases - WSU Online


Changing one letter in a word could alter the whole meaning of a sentence. ... letters are pronounced, making it easy to inadvertently leave these letters out when writing. Knowing which word to use or how to write a phrase correctly can make a ... This handout contains a list of commonly confused homonyms and problem ...

Recognising homophones - Skills Workshop


Some homophones share the same base spelling as they are part of the same ' family' ... Fill in the space with either where or wear. .... Write some sentences of your own using the word 'be' correctly. ... these sentences ... pear pair. Pear: the pear was very juicy. Pair: two of something / two of a kind ... 'short f...

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Grammar Rules · Punctuation Rules · Capitalization Rules · Rules for Writing Numbers · Confusing Words and Homonyms ... If the subject of a sentence starts out singular, it should remain singular. ... We recently heard from a reader who objected to a sentence she found in one of our ... We use these verbs all...

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Homophones, Homonyms - Multiple choice comprehension quiz ... pair/pare/pear ... Do this fill-in-the-blank activity and see if you can find these common homonyms. ... answers: night/knight, I/eye, by/buy, sea/see, flu/flew, hear/here, wear/where, ... then answer questions about the words and fill in the blanks in sentences.

Homophones - Lockhart Learning


(Note: not all pairs that we study are strictly homophones, but all are frequently confused word pairs.) ... spelled and correctly used, in 3 different sentences. ... These children may need to work with a timer, to limit each drawing to 2-3 ... homophone pair (or trio) correctly, such as, “Three of the bears were wearing flannel shirt...

Homophones: They're, There, and Their | Writing Forward


Nov 12, 2012 ... Homophones can be blamed for all kinds of spelling mistakes and improper usage. ... so it's up to us as writers to learn how to use homophones correctly. ... how these three homophones should be used properly, let this be a ...

Working with Words: Which Word Is Right? - GitHub Pages


Just as a mason uses bricks to build sturdy homes, writers use words to build .... Complete the following sentences by selecting the correct word. .... knowledge of spelling rules, homonyms, and commonly misspelled words. ... Wed-nes-day may help you remember how to spell the word correctly. ... Where, Wear, Ware.

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We're where we were. | Pronunciation Coach


Nov 28, 2011 ... That sentence uses the words "where", "were", and "we're" which ... and it is important to say them correctly because they are frequently used words. ... these words, because they expect these words to have the same sound. ... This word is one syllable and it is a homonym with the words...

Fair vs. Fare: What's the Difference? - Writing Explained


Learn the definition of fare and fair with example sentences and quizzes at Writing Explained. ... Today we are going to over the homophones fair vs. fare. Given that these words sound the same and their spelling is only a few letters apart, ... Fare has much fewer uses than does fair, so this list won't be quite as exhaustive.

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... the infinitive form of a verb - to swim, to ride, to write. too: an adverb with two different uses. ... Exercise A: Circle the correct form of 'to' in the following sentences. ... Some of the most commonly misused words are the homonym pairs made up of a ... How would the sentence sound if you wrote "Be sure to wear you...