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English Listening Practice Homophones - over 250 homophones with ... Now try and work out the correct sentences from the following tests. You can ... packed | pact | pale | pail | pain | pair ... weak | weal | weald | wear | week | weigh | weight

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Homophones, Homonyms - Multiple choice comprehension quiz .... Sample answers: night/knight, I/eye, by/buy, sea/see, flu/flew, hear/here, wear/where, ... then answer questions about the words and fill in the blanks in sentences. ... Words: cite, sight, site, gnu, knew, new, knead, kneed, need, pair, pare, pear, sew , so, sow.

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The children all write the correctly spelled word on any of one of the sixteen squares. ... These Bingo squares may be kept for repeated playing. ... Homonyms are words that sound the same but are different in their spelling and their meaning. ... In each pair of the sentences below, the first sentence gives you a clue to the ...

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Nov 28, 2011 ... That sentence uses the words “where”, “were”, and “we're” which ... and it is important to say them correctly because they are frequently ... But native speakers are not confused when they hear these words, ... This word is one syllable and it is a homonym with the words “ware” and “wear”. ... pair / pare / pear

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Wearing definition, gradually impairing or wasting: Reading small print can be wearing on ... She could just be wearing a pair of knickers and $50,000 worth of jewelry. .... Learn the correct uses of these two commonly confused homophones.

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Also, we hear incorrect grammar used so often that correct grammar might ... Changing one letter in a word could alter the whole meaning of a sentence. ... are pronounced, making it easy to inadvertently leave these letters out when writing. ... This handout contains a list of commonly confused homonyms and problem ...

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Apr 28, 2012 ... Homonyms, even when correctly pronounced, do indeed sound the same ... Thus , in writing, the differences between these words are important. ... Common usage , however, uses the latter term for the former. ... Actually, allot and a lot are not a pair of homonyms because the latter is a phrase and not a word ...

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Choose two phrases to form a sentence that correctly uses a word from. Word List 17. ... Improve each of the following sentences by crossing out the bold phrase ... Decide which word in each homophone pair best fits each sentence. Write .... in Show Wearing a seat belt will help ensure your safety in case of an accident.

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The homonyms in the examples below are words that sound alike but are .... Wear (a covering or protection as in, You should wear a helmet every time ... Loupe (a device used to magnify things as in, A jeweler uses a loupe to help ... An “all in one” sentence: These two math problems are too difficult to solve without help.

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and homonyms to evaluate word ..... Based on the uses of the affixes con- and - ation, what is the meaning of the word confederation? .... Which pair of words are antonyms? .... Which of the following sentences is a correct evaluation of the message the author intended for ..... B. That the cowboy liked wearing elaborate hats.

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Use these homophones in one sentence aloud allowed? Bella Swan was screaming aloud because Charlie had allowed her to go to Florida. 22 people found ...

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... the infinitive form of a verb - to swim, to ride, to write. too: an adverb with two different uses. ... Exercise A: Circle the correct form of 'to' in the following sentences. ... Some of the most commonly misused words are the homonym pairs made up of a ... How would the sentence sound if you wrote "Be sure to wear you...

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Homophones are words that are pronounced the same but they have different ... Have you ever wondered which variation of the word “bear” to use in a sentence? ... These tricky words and many others like them are members of a group of words called homophones. ... wear, where ... Let's go buy a new pair of shoes.

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each pair come up with a sentence for each homophone to share with the class. See if the class ... Complete sentence with correct homophone; write sentences.

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Some homophones share the same base spelling as they are part of the same ' family' ... Fill in the space with either where or wear. .... pear pair. Pear: the pear was very juicy. Pair: two of something / two of a kind ... 'short form' that uses an ... Put these words into your own sentences showing their correct meaning.