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Which of the following sentences correctly uses the homonym pair ...


Public transportation fares are usually quite fair and reasonable. Public transportation fares are .... Which of the following sentences correctly uses the homonym pair where and wear? all of the above correctly use this homonym pair. (apex).

Which of the following sentences correctly uses a semicolon


Which choice uses a semicolon correctly? ... Which ofthe following sentence incorectly uses a semicolon? ... all of the above correctly use this homonym pair.

How do you use the homonyms ant and aunt in a sentence


My aunt Holly is as tiny as an ant! ... Please stock these items on the top shelf. This rifle ... What sentences correctly uses the homonym pair allowed aloud? ... Which of the following sentences correctly uses the homonym pair where and wear?

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English Listening Practice Homophones - over 250 homophones with ... This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website More ... Now try and work out the correct sentences from the following tests. ... packed | pact | pale | pail | pain | pair ... weak | weal | weald | wear | week | weigh | weight

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Learn the definition of fare and fair with example sentences and quizzes at Writing Explained. ... Today we are going to over the homophones fair vs. fare. Given that these words sound the same and their spelling is only a few letters apart, ... Fare has much fewer uses than does fair, so this list won't be quite as exhaustive.

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Changing one letter in a word could alter the whole meaning of a sentence. ... letters are pronounced, making it easy to inadvertently leave these letters out when writing. Knowing which word to use or how to write a phrase correctly can make a ... This handout contains a list of commonly confused homonyms and problem ...

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Nov 28, 2011 ... That sentence uses the words “where”, “were”, and “we're” which ... and it is important to say them correctly because they are frequently ... But native speakers are not confused when they hear these words, ... This word is one syllable and it is a homonym with the words “ware” and “wear”. ... pair / pare / pear

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Homophones are words that are pronounced the same but they have different ... Have you ever wondered which variation of the word “bear” to use in a sentence? ... These tricky words and many others like them are members of a group of words called homophones. ... wear, where ... Let's go buy a new pair of shoes.

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Apr 3, 2013 ... The corrected sentences are below. ... He looked carefully in the underbrush, but he failed to notice the pair of green eyes staring at him. 9.

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Aug 16, 2016 ... Homophones can be blamed for all kinds of spelling mistakes and improper usage. ... so it's up to us as writers to learn how to use homophones correctly. ... how these three homophones should be used properly, let this be a ...

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What sentences correctly uses the homonym pair allowed aloud


All of the above use this homonym pair correctly. ... Use these homophones in one sentence aloud allowed? Bella Swan was screaming aloud ... What is a homonym for pair? pear. 9 people found this useful. Edit.

Which of the following pairs of words are homonyms - Answers.com


Their and they're ... What sentences correctly uses the homonym pair allowed aloud? All of the above use this ... Write the missing half of the following word pair tar and? feathers.

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... the infinitive form of a verb - to swim, to ride, to write. too: an adverb with two different uses. ... Exercise A: Circle the correct form of 'to' in the following sentences. ... Some of the most commonly misused words are the homonym pairs made up of a ... How would the sentence sound if you wrote "Be sure to wear you...