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John Henry is an African American folk hero. He is said to have worked as a " steel-driving ... Some versions of the song refer to the location of John Henry's death as "The Big Bend Tunnel on the C. & O." ... somewhere that locomotives roar, mean that Henry's body was buried in the cemetery behind the main building of the ...


In the Navy, the body was wrapped in canvas and a shell from one of the large guns was placed in it to help the body sink. On land, the bodies had dog tags ...


He asked some other soldiers to help him bury the body. ... In The Red Badge of Courage what was henrys reaction to the body of the dead soldier? In The Red ...


Arguments break out between the soldiers whether this rumor is true. ... These words comfort Henry as the first chapter ends. Chapter ... The loud soldier, who we learn is named Wilson, comes up to Henry, spouting exciting, confident statements about the ... They eventually pass the body of a dead soldier.


The regiment comes upon a dead soldier, and Henry tries "to read in dead eyes the ... His reactions to his environment — both to the countryside and the ... Wilson's death revelation provides additional fuel for the growth of these monsters.


Summary Henry returns to walking along with the retreating soldiers. ... Jim stops, and, after several body-shaking convulsions, he stands tall and then dies. ... desire to have courage and his inability to realize these desires in the face of reality. ... When Jim, a true leader for Henry, is wounded and dies, Henry turns inward, ...


Azar comments to O'Brien about the dead soldier and is sent away by Kiowa, who senses that O'Brien is upset. Kiowa tells O'Brien to stop staring at the body ...


After a tense wait, the enemy soldiers attack and Henry's regiment begins to fire ... Consumed by these rationalizations, he plunges into the woods. ... There he discovers the dead body of a soldier in a tattered blue uniform much like Henry's.


Everything you ever wanted to know about Henry Fleming ("The Youth") in The Red ... He has never even seen a dead body. ... Henry then further refines his line of reasoning regarding survival when he runs from "the Tattered Soldier"; ... He will then be a true man, and receive the honor and praise that is rightfully his.