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The Second Boer War usually known as the Boer War and also at the time as the South African .... In Afrikaans it may be called the Anglo-Boereoorlog ("Anglo- Boer War"), ... Given the British origins of the majority of uitlanders and the ongoing influx of new .... These rights included a stable constitution, a fair franchise law, ...


Ethnic, political and social tensions among European colonial powers, indigenous Africans, ... They include the first and second Anglo-Boer War, the Anglo-Zulu War, the ... of European descent, a relative majority of whom were still of Dutch origin. .... Exacerbating these conflicts was the effects of the discovery of diamonds ...


Boer is the Dutch and Afrikaans word for "farmer". As used in South Africa, it was used to ... Political refugees from the religious wars in France, following the revocation of the .... The exasperation caused by just grievances unremedied was no stronger a motive ... After the second Anglo-Boer War, a Boer diaspora occurred.


The Boers taking the Orange Free State away from the British.


These are causes and origins of it Discovery of the Witwatersrand gold reef led British capitalists to desire a war for control of the mines;Uitlander grievances of ...


There were several causes of the First Anglo-Boer War. ... What he did not tell Carnarvon was that these were many more - the Boer population - who were ...


Sep 29, 1999 ... Entitled The Boer War, it was narrated by the historian Denis Judd, author of ... controlled by the Afrikaners, as the key reason for the outbreak of war. ... of the whole southern coastline and these colonies were not under threat. .... Smith, I.R., The Origins of the South African War 1899-1902, New York 1996.


A number of interrelated factors led to the Second Anglo-Boer War. These include the conflicting political ideologies of imperialism and ... The Causes ... After the First Anglo-Boer War the British government did not give up its ambition for ...


The Boer War (or Anglo-Boer War) was a conflict in which the British Empire .... The unity implied by these contributions did not reflect universal support back home. ... he wrote in The South African War: Causes and Effects (1900) that the war had ... won by the Boers (Dutch-origin South African farmers) after a famous victory ...


The causes of the Boer War go back to 1795, when Britain took over the Cape ... of Transvaal was born, with the Orange Free State following two years later. ... Anglo-Boer tensions continued to simmer throughout the second-half of the 19th ... an unarmed British miner, however, the Boer policeman was found not guilty.