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Voltage spike


Voltage would increase as necessary so that a constant current will flow. ... For sensitive electronics, excessive current can flow if this voltage spike ... causes such as a fault in a transformer ...

What increases if the voltage in a circuit is increased - Answers.com


The heat produced by the current will increase. More voltage meansmore electricity, which leads to more heat.

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Charge flows at the greatest rates when the battery voltage is increased and the ... in the battery voltage would lead to a twofold increase in the current (if all other .... Which of the following will cause the current through an electrical circuit to ...

does voltage increase or decrease in a series circuit? a parallel ...


Apr 7, 2010 ... (If the voltage increases/decreases, then the current will increase/decrease in a series/parallel circuit.) ... the screw on any potentiometers AND keeping all resistors well-cooled), the following relation ALWAYS holds true:

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I can make a circuit where the output voltage goes up OR down if I make resistance go up. ... If resistance increases in a circuit , current will decrease. V=I* R

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www.create-california.org/training/online/Study Topics/7_Ohm's_Law_Power/Lecture Materials/ohm's Law Lecture Materials.htm

Look at the voltage equation: V=IR; if the current increases, what will happen to the ... In the following circuit example VR1 must again equal the source voltage, ...

Ohm's Law: Definition & Relationship Between Voltage, Current ...


Did you know that electrical current is affected by the voltage and resistance in a circuit? ... current is determined by the amount of voltage and resistance in an electric circuit. ... But if we increase the resistance, then the current will decrease. ... the flow to increase, but getting a kink in the hose increased the resistance, ...

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If the pressure stays the same and the resistance increases (making it more .... that the circuit current will increase as the voltage increases and the lamp resistance .... To summarize what we've learned in this lesson, let's analyze the following ...

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... branches to the circuit the total current will increase because Ohm's Law states that the ... Voltage is the same across each component of the parallel circuit. ... You can find total resistance in a Parallel circuit with the following formula: ... If one of the parallel paths is broken, current will continue to flow in all the ...

How can a resistor affect current AND potential at the same time?


Nov 22, 2014 ... So following the law a resistor must affect both voltage and current however the ... potential difference and decrease if the resistance of the circuit is increased. .... That means if you increase voltage the current will increase ...

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Q: Which of the following will increase if the voltage in a circuit ...
A: Answer 1. a and b, c and d are by design only, and not enough data to answer. Answer 2. b. Answer 3. D'you just graduate with an EE? Read More »
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Q: Which of the following will increase if the voltage in a circuit ...
A: a and b, c and d are by design only, and not enough data to answer. Read More »
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Q: Which of the following will increase if the voltage in a circuit ...
A: Power and current. Read More »
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Q: What of the following will increase if the voltage in a circuit i...
A: The brightness of a bulb in the circuit. Current. Power. Read More »
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A: max amps. Read More »
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