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White Bump on Gums – HealthGuidances.com


A lump or bump on your gums is a mild condition for us, noncancerous growths in our mouth can be caused by an irritation and they are relatively normal.

Small white bumps on gums... Herpes? Thrush? Whitestrips ...


Aug 31, 2006 ... I have small white dots on my gums, upper and lower. They are the size of pencil dots or pepper, very small. I have had them almost two weeks.

Dental Abscesses and Infection in Gums: What You Need to Know


A history of dental problems can suggest an infection in gums or teeth, and ... A small bump that looks like a pimple can also form on the gum near a tooth abscess. ... Symptoms include white spots inside the mouth or on the tongue, sore throat ...

Bump on gums, Pimple, Cyst, not Painful, Below Teeth, Above ...


And these small white bump on gums probably got the name from their bulbous shape and the fact that they are usually ...

small white spot on gum? - Dental Fear Central


Hi I am a bit worried about a small white spot I have on my gum above my front teeth. I have a picture of it below but to describe it. Its a small ...

Don't Pop It! What A "Pimple" on Your Gums Can Mean - Emergency ...


Aug 27, 2015 ... While that small white mound on your gum looks just like a pimple, it's in fact a dental fistula (also known as a dental boil). This occurs when an ...

5 Dental Symptoms You Should Never Ignore | Best Health ...


Gum disease includes gingivitis (inflammation of the gums) and periodontitis (a more ... The first signs are white spots that form in the very early stages. ... to look at your cheeks, your tongue and underneath your tongue to spot any changes.

Lump on Gums | MD-Health.com


A lump on gums can be a scary thing, but it might not mean much. ... in your mouth pressing against one spot, or if you have a habit of moving your teeth in such a way ... They might be white and painful, pink or red, and often appear as a lump.

Mouth Problems Slideshow: Pictures of Mouth Sores, Oral Cancer ...


Sores, painful gums, bad breath -- what's going on in your mouth? Found out with our slideshow of the most common mouth problems.