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Grubs are dirty white, soft bodied, and robust with a brown head and six well- developed legs, with exception of green June beetle grubs, which do not have ...


True white grubs are the larvae of May beetles (also called June Beetles) found in the genus Phyllophaga, of which there are over 100 different species.


There are several species of white grubs in the Midwest. Proper identification of species is important because of the differences in life cycles and degree of crop ...


Several species of white grubs are found in the Midwest. Proper identification to species is important since differences in life cycles and feeding habits have ...


White grubs are the most destructive insect pests of turfgrasses in Kentucky. Turf is damaged when the grubs (the larval or immature stages of certain beetles) ...


Lawn grubs, often called white grubs, are the immature form of different scarab beetles, such as Japanese beetles. Learn how to deal with Lawn Grubs.


White grubs are among the most destructive insect pests of turfgrass. They feed below the soil surface on the roots and rhizomes of all commonly used turfgrass ...


White grubs can damage and kill the plants in your garden. Learn all about white grubs here.


White grubs are the larval (immature) stage of several different beetles. Most of the grubs will assume a “C” shape when they are dug out of the soil (Fig. 1).