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White matter, named for its relatively light appearance resulting from the lipid content of myelin, refers to axon tracts and commissures. White matter tissue of the freshly cut brain appears pinkis...

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White matter inflammation causes the brain-blood barrier to become partially ineffective ... "We found that hyperintensities injure the frontal lobes of the brain and ...

White matter disorders - Introduction - VUmc


The white matter of the brain is composed of nerve fibers and myelin. The nerve fibers form the connections between the nerve cells. Myelin is a fatty sheath ...

Multiple Sclerosis and Brain Matter: What's Going on in my Brain ...


Jul 8, 2013 ... Neurons are thickly located in the outer areas of the brain called the cortex. If you look at the outside of the brain it looks gray. “The white matter ...

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Jan 1, 2005 ... Almost one half of the brain's volume is not gray but white matter, the .... Possibly the cause in some individuals will be found in white matter.

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White matter in the brain refers to the fiber tracts that carry information to and fro from ... matter lesions do not suggest MS in each and every case they are found.

White matter disease exacts heavy toll, increasing risk of stroke ...


Feb 24, 2014 ... White matter disease is responsible for about a fifth of all strokes ... that targets small blood vessels deep within the brain's white matter. ... Researchers have found further troubling evidence that cognitive damage from white ...

Spots on an MRI - White Matter Hyperintensities - Health


Apr 21, 2016 ... What causes these white spots on a brain MRI? ... located next to the ventricles, and as the name implies, are found in the brain's white matter.

A New Rating Scale for Age-Related White Matter Changes ... - Stroke


In the ARWMC scale, the degree of white matter changes is rated on a .... As expected, most lesions were found in the frontal and parieto-occipital regions. ... of ARWMC, according to brain region, using the ARWMC scale on CT and MRI.

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White matter is found in the deeper tissues of the brain (subcortical). It contains nerve fibers (axons), which are extensions of nerve cells (neurons). Many of ...

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DeMyelinating Diseases Of The Brain - Center for Functional MRI


NORMAL WHITE MATTER. The white matter of the brain is located in the central and subcortical regions of the cerebral and cerebellar hemispheres and ...

The subway of the brain - Why white matter matters. - On Biology


Mar 13, 2014 ... When we think of the brain, our first thought is of grey matter: the squishy ... Most importantly, it found that white matter tracts failed to reach long ...

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WebMD explains common causes of brain lesions, along with their ... So a brain lesion is an area of injury or disease within the brain. ... red and white swirl.