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The octopus is a soft-bodied, eight-armed mollusc of the order Octopoda. Around 300 species ..... The Atlantic white-spotted octopus (Callistoctopus macropus) turns bright brownish red with oval white spots all ..... "V: The octopus out of water ".


Is this a "white-V octopus", Abdopus sp., or another species? Unfortunately I didn' t get any video of the end of the mantle where the white ...


Unfortunately I didn't get any video of the end of the mantle where the white marking would be. Also, is the white-V octopus generally accepted ...


White V Octopus, Lembeh Strait, Indonesia in The MarineBio Ocean Channel.

Sep 12, 2013 ... Diving in Lembeh strait, North Sulawesi, Indonesia The movements of the White " V" Octopus is amazing! All filmed with Sony HDR - XR500VE, ...


Think you know the outcome when it's shark versus octopus in an aquarium tank ? Think again!


A type of long-armed mimic octopus, probably a white-V octopus. (Laha, Ambon, Indonesia). mollusk; octopus; white-V octopus; long-armed octopus; Mollusca; ...


Identification Key White-V Octopus: Brownish to tan. Long arms with small white spots. White V-shaped marking at the end of the mantle. Identifikations-Hilfe ...


Video of Where's The Octopus? by Fox Meyer Squids, octopuses, and ... attract females and white to repel other males—and can even split the coloration of their  ...


Octopus. This has been tested (in an aquarium, by accident) and the results are on video. The shark was ... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p9A-oxUMAy8. 6.1k Views ... Who would win in a fight: a great white shark or a salt water crocodile?