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Jun 12, 2017 ... Weeks later, an autopsy report would contribute Houston's death to accidental .... That would kill all speculation whether it was true or not. ... She was the gospel- singing good girl – the church-going daughter of Cissy and a ... But contrary to popular belief, Brown did not introduce his troubled wife to cocaine.


Feb 12, 2012 ... A look at Houston's 15-year marriage to Bobby Brown and its ... that his ex-wife Whitney Houston had died under mysterious circumstances in a ... What they did together, according to her testimony, included a ... Sawyer that she and Brown abused drugs—“We don't do crack. ... Now, He's Poised To Kill It.


Aug 12, 2012 ... Houston helped Ejogo understand her troubled character. “She was ... I make too much for me to ever smoke crack,” the singer said. “Crack is ...


Feb 19, 2013 ... The inability to accept that Houston engaged in drugs is parcel to an ... for Houston's descent from American royalty to crack-is-whack to death. ... Whitney Houston to drugs--but Michael Houston, one of the singer's ... Then Oprah presented what she called "the big question": Did he introduce her to drugs?


Feb 11, 2013 ... He'd also allow groupies to sing over the album's tapes as "auditions ... The following year he was arrested while buying crack cocaine. ... In 1993, while out on bail for all this, the two did the same thing to a ..... Kurt Cobain Kills Himself Twice ..... 11, 2012, that Whitney Houston died alone in a hotel bathtub.


Jun 4, 2017 ... Unfortunately, in the end, life for Whitney Houston wasn't like the one ... Sadly, the greatest modern soul singer since her godmother, Aretha Franklin, lost ... “Crack is cheap,” Whitney said on ABC with Diane Sawyer in 2002. .... umpteenth time, had a week to kill herself with drugs and drink and pills in La La ...


Dec 26, 2012 ... Private investigator claims he has video proving singer was killed by drug dealers ... As Whitney Houston's drugs-ravaged body lay cold under a sheet in her suite ... into Houston's death but does confirm it is not Pat Houston, Whitney's .... the end — including vengeful drug dealers prepared to maim and kill.

Feb 11, 2012 ... The Legendary singer's 2002 interview with Diane Sawyer For more information, click here: ... I know she was doing drugs and crossing a bad stage in her life, but may you wonder why? Only Lord knows why. Believe ... GUUURL!!! that attitude is killing! ... It's funny because she did do crack and she's dead.
Jan 28, 2013 ... While growing up in New Jersey, Whitney Houston was close to both of her big brothers, Gary and Michael. Since his sister's death, Michael, who many in the f. ... her to drugs, people still don't want to accept that Bobby did not start her ... He had his demons and was troubled once maybe still is. ... Drugs kill.